Hope everyone had a nice long weekend. I can’t believe it’s December in a couple days!

Roddy Piper. Awesome. For some reason I feel like he’s aged since we last saw him, but I could be imagining things. Did that crowd really just boo those tiny children? I mean, I’m not the most sympathetic to kids but come on. Um, I got a little lost during that promo honestly.

I can only imagine how much clothing tape is on the Bellas’ new ring gear.

Ziggler’s entrance music is gettin’ crazy. Good match, I’m glad they’re letting Ziggler shine a bit more.

Interesting promo with Daniel Bryan. Seems like he’s getting some support behind him which is nice, I’ve always liked watching him.

The Ryder/Swagger match was good. It wasn’t long but it went well and helped tell the beginning of a story.

I enjoyed Mick Foley’s poem.

Oh my gosh. The main event was SO good. I really wish I’d seen the match at Survivor Series. That spot with the chair and then immediately after especially were so good.