I can’t believe Christmas is already less than a week away. Time is flying for me!

Haha, good way to open the show with Punk announcing. I’m pretty happy with the PPV results!! In fact, I can’t say I’m upset with any of the results. I like Ziggler a lot, but I think Ryder is decent in the ring and he’s popular, so him being champ is cool with me. Looking at all the champions right now, I am very happy. (And once again, I like the new ring gear many of them obtained for the big PPV.) I thought that segment was fun.

Just forgot for a second that I’m actually watching this on a TiVo for once and can skip any crap I want to! Happy day. hahaha

I just can never imagine how beat up these guys must feel after a show like TLC.

Did anyone see the HHH/Kevin Nash match? Any thoughts on how it was? I’m curious to see how Nash did in the ring.

I’m glad Alicia Fox is (apparently) going to be Beth Phoenix’s next feud. She’s pretty decent in the ring from what I remember.

Jinder Mahal’s a pretty big guy, isn’t he? Didn’t really realize it until he was standing next to Sheamus.

I don’t have to act scared when Kane’s pyro hits. It does actually make me jump half the time haha. So cool that he’s back. Looks like he’s still in great shape, too. He is NASTY though!

Heyyy a tag match.

Hm, Cody Rhodes’s hood kind of reminds me of the character in Assassin’s Creed. Random thought. More Santino!!

Vickie is still one of my favorites. She is so good at what she does. Johnny Ace…eh. I wonder if this is the beginning of a Big Show heel turn.

The main event was pretty cool. I normally don’t care for 6-man tags because they get ridiculous, but with the guys in it, it was really fun to watch. It really didn’t get out of hand, either, which helped. Good stuff.