Okay, Johnny Ace coming out to Punk’s music is entertaining. Man, combined with the crowd and his voice, it was REALLY hard to hear him! They certainly got their money’s worth for Cult of Personality today.

Woohoo, the mysterious videos get revealed next week.

It’s nice to see that Booker T’s still in really good shape. Good to know that not all of them completely destroy themselves, haha.

Hey Tyson Kidd! He looks much more normal without that odd hair cut he had before. Cool that he and Natalya are tagging.

If they’re trying to turn Truth face, it’s gonna be pretty tough. I’m not sure that’s the goal, but beating up Miz could make them want to go down that path. I don’t know that people are willing to go for it though! I guess in some odd way they could turn Miz too, but again, good luck with that. Seems most likely they’ll just beat the hell out of each other.

Thought Punk and Swagger had a good match, I don’t remember if they’ve worked together before or not but it worked for me. (And Vickie covering her ears during the “CM Punk” chants? Brilliant.) The match with Punk and Ziggler was very good, too, but the finish was lame. Why would Punk all the sudden not ignore Laurinaitis like that? C’mon. But I don’t mind Ziggler having a world title shot at all. That’ll be cool.

Hahaha Cena’s music interrupting Kane seemed so out of place. Kane’s pretty fun to watch, I’m glad he’s back. Chicago was apparently the perfect place for that promo though.