January 2012

To my surprise I was able to watch part of the Rumble. What I wanted to see most was Punk vs. Ziggler and as I expected it was a great match. I thought the finish didn’t feel special or exciting enough, though. Title match finishes should be explosive and exciting and make you really happy or really upset! With Laurainitis messing up, it was fine for a while, but it went too long and the very end just kinda took the wind out of my sails and I wasn’t excited even though my favorite wrestler beat probably my 2nd favorite for the WWE Championship! But it will be that much sweeter when Punk gets his hands on Johnny.
I enjoyed the Rumble itself, it’s always fun to see who they bring back. I loved all the announcers getting in, I think having Cole in there was actually a great move because it was hilarious for them all to go in, and he didn’t really affect anything. I was surprised by Sheamus beating Jericho, but it’s kind of cool that it wasn’t what I expected. But can we please please please get a CM Punk/Chris Jericho feud?! I don’t care if it’s for a title or not, I just really want that to happen.

Let’s now talk about Kofi Kingston. That man is absolute GOLD in any over-the-top-rope match, he does the coolest stuff all the time. He’s exciting to watch and I really hope him being in the Elimination Chamber match is a sign that he’s getting pushed back to the top. That guy is great.

Um, are they going to start using Daniel Bryan being vegan as part of his heel character? That’s kinda lame, haha.

Hahaha did Regal just say he keeps his daughters locked in the attic?

Pretty cool to have Punk vs Daniel Bryan. Seems pretty random but I’m not going to complain about it happening. Man, that was a good match. But I honestly didn’t expect it to end clean; they can’t do that to one of their championships. IS THIS THE BEGINNING OF JERICHO/PUNK?! Oh my gosh please.

Kinda neat to have Tyson in the celebrity portion of the Hall of Fame.

R-Truth (and the writers I guess) did a great job recently. I really could not stand him a few weeks ago, but now he’s actually making me laugh.

Also seems kinda random that this title match is happening tonight and not last night at the PPV. However, with that length of time, they made a good choice. Blah blah Kane.

For some reason it always kind of annoys me when they start a new segment at 11/10 Central. It’s almost like I feel like it’s going to be too rushed and makes me anxious or something. Sounds like a personal problem to me! There really is something entertaining when a guy comes out to Motorhead wearing a suit. Taker!! I did not see that coming, not tonight. Well this turned out to be a pretty darn good RAW, didn’t it? Great matches and some interesting other stuff (though some of the promos dragged a bit, but you can’t win ’em all).

Interesting that Punk wrestled in his shorts. Maybe he likes matching tag teams as much as I do and saw a good opportunity to subtly coordinate with Cena? Haha, I’m SURE that’s it. Good match, but man it’s gonna be gratifying when Punk clocks Ace in the jaw someday.

He speaks! Sort of. I’m pretty convinced we’re supposed to boo him, but nobody is, haha.

I don’t know about you guys, but I’m kinda sick of Ryder just getting beat up by Kane. That was just way too slow and drawn out. Uh oh, Cena is embracing the hate!! Let’s be honest, I wouldn’t mess with that guy. He’s pretty big.

You know what? I like R-Truth right now. Go figure.

Brodus Clay is doing pretty well with this stuff. I kinda like it still just because it’s different.

YESSSS! I didn’t think Punk would get his hands on Laurinaitis today but that was GREAT.

I probably won’t get a chance to watch the Rumble, which is kind of a bummer because I think it’s going to be a great show.

Mick Foley! To be honest I had almost forgotten he’s back, shame on me. I am starting to get excited about the Royal Rumble. You truly never know what they’ll pull out for that.

Tag Title change at a non-televised event, eh? Nothing says we care about our tag division like that and then giving them like 5 minutes of TV time. But you have to give all four of those guys credit, they made the most out of their (short) time and put on a really great match.

Pretty quick title drop for Zack Ryder, as well.

Also it seems WWE didn’t expect people to boo Perez Hilton so much hahaha.

I like the Ryder/Cena companionship. I think it’s a good story and they’re both doing a good job with it. And I literally only heard Johnny Ace say, “Jack Swagger” that time. They really should mic him better.

I think one of Brodus Clay’s dancers could be Naomi from the Divas NXT/FCW, but I’m not sure. They certainly have come up with a unique character for this guy. Whether or not people care who he is, they certainly know who he is. (I do admit having a “what the hell is THIS” moment last week watching the Clay debut, haha.) Its kinda fun so far actually.

Speaking of last week, big Hall of Fame announcements! I’m quite pleased, though the videos made me realize I really miss Edge.

This Big Show/Daniel Bryan dynamic is interesting, it seems like they’re going to turn one heel but then it changes! I like it.

Ha, Jericho and his endless crowd pandering. I can’t say I expected Mr. Socko! Oh boy a good old-fashioned Punk rant!! Love it.

I think I’m going to have to skip this week. I’m going on vacation tomorrow so I have packing and stuff to take care of as I watch.

I hope to post next week, but that’s the day I get back so it depends on how jet lagged I am! haha

Happy New Year, everyone!! 2012 used to seem so far away, haha. I started off the year by eating too much pizza, so it’s gonna be a good one for sure!

I have to admit I was going to wait to watch RAW until the Fiesta Bowl was over but during halftime I got very restless and switched to my RAW recording. I have ideas about who is coming back but I’m still anxious – good work, WWE!

So Booker’s getting a title shot, eh? Interesting. I wonder if that means he’ll be wrestling more as time goes on.

So it seems Orton will be out for about 6 months. Hope he recovers quickly and fully. I like Barrett, I hope they keep using him. I think he wrestles well and is great on the mic.

I find it entertaining that nobody likes the Bellas right now. Also, if they are going for an R-Truth face turn, they’re doing a good job so far. He made me laugh with his duck impression. So last week I really underestimated the WWE creative team, though I’m not sure why I ever did. They’ve proven they can alter our opinions quite easily!

Matches like CM Punk vs. Dolph Ziggler for the WWE Championship make the wrestling fan in me all warm and fuzzy inside. It’s hard to forget why you watch RAW every week with stuff like this going on. Amazing match. I was pissed when Laurainitis (I still can’t spell his name) came out. Stupid and annoying, though it was less awful than it could have been interference-wise. I wanted Punk to kick him in the face so bad.

Any bets on how many feet of fashion tape the Bellas need for their ring gear? I just don’t even know how those outfits stay put, it makes me nervous. Match was alright overall. Nothing too sloppy except maybe the last roll-up.

And I still never, ever know what Punk is going to say. And I love it.

JERICHOOOOOOO!!! I am so excited. He’s pretty convincing with his denial of returning to WWE, honestly. I’m so glad he’s back though. This could get very exciting…if anything actually happens. For all we know this big exciting welcome back will have him punching Punk in the face next week, haha. Or not coming back for a while? haha

Kane’s so cool. And creepy.