Happy New Year, everyone!! 2012 used to seem so far away, haha. I started off the year by eating too much pizza, so it’s gonna be a good one for sure!

I have to admit I was going to wait to watch RAW until the Fiesta Bowl was over but during halftime I got very restless and switched to my RAW recording. I have ideas about who is coming back but I’m still anxious – good work, WWE!

So Booker’s getting a title shot, eh? Interesting. I wonder if that means he’ll be wrestling more as time goes on.

So it seems Orton will be out for about 6 months. Hope he recovers quickly and fully. I like Barrett, I hope they keep using him. I think he wrestles well and is great on the mic.

I find it entertaining that nobody likes the Bellas right now. Also, if they are going for an R-Truth face turn, they’re doing a good job so far. He made me laugh with his duck impression. So last week I really underestimated the WWE creative team, though I’m not sure why I ever did. They’ve proven they can alter our opinions quite easily!

Matches like CM Punk vs. Dolph Ziggler for the WWE Championship make the wrestling fan in me all warm and fuzzy inside. It’s hard to forget why you watch RAW every week with stuff like this going on. Amazing match. I was pissed when Laurainitis (I still can’t spell his name) came out. Stupid and annoying, though it was less awful than it could have been interference-wise. I wanted Punk to kick him in the face so bad.

Any bets on how many feet of fashion tape the Bellas need for their ring gear? I just don’t even know how those outfits stay put, it makes me nervous. Match was alright overall. Nothing too sloppy except maybe the last roll-up.

And I still never, ever know what Punk is going to say. And I love it.

JERICHOOOOOOO!!! I am so excited. He’s pretty convincing with his denial of returning to WWE, honestly. I’m so glad he’s back though. This could get very exciting…if anything actually happens. For all we know this big exciting welcome back will have him punching Punk in the face next week, haha. Or not coming back for a while? haha

Kane’s so cool. And creepy.