Mick Foley! To be honest I had almost forgotten he’s back, shame on me. I am starting to get excited about the Royal Rumble. You truly never know what they’ll pull out for that.

Tag Title change at a non-televised event, eh? Nothing says we care about our tag division like that and then giving them like 5 minutes of TV time. But you have to give all four of those guys credit, they made the most out of their (short) time and put on a really great match.

Pretty quick title drop for Zack Ryder, as well.

Also it seems WWE didn’t expect people to boo Perez Hilton so much hahaha.

I like the Ryder/Cena companionship. I think it’s a good story and they’re both doing a good job with it. And I literally only heard Johnny Ace say, “Jack Swagger” that time. They really should mic him better.

I think one of Brodus Clay’s dancers could be Naomi from the Divas NXT/FCW, but I’m not sure. They certainly have come up with a unique character for this guy. Whether or not people care who he is, they certainly know who he is. (I do admit having a “what the hell is THIS” moment last week watching the Clay debut, haha.) Its kinda fun so far actually.

Speaking of last week, big Hall of Fame announcements! I’m quite pleased, though the videos made me realize I really miss Edge.

This Big Show/Daniel Bryan dynamic is interesting, it seems like they’re going to turn one heel but then it changes! I like it.

Ha, Jericho and his endless crowd pandering. I can’t say I expected Mr. Socko! Oh boy a good old-fashioned Punk rant!! Love it.