Interesting that Punk wrestled in his shorts. Maybe he likes matching tag teams as much as I do and saw a good opportunity to subtly coordinate with Cena? Haha, I’m SURE that’s it. Good match, but man it’s gonna be gratifying when Punk clocks Ace in the jaw someday.

He speaks! Sort of. I’m pretty convinced we’re supposed to boo him, but nobody is, haha.

I don’t know about you guys, but I’m kinda sick of Ryder just getting beat up by Kane. That was just way too slow and drawn out. Uh oh, Cena is embracing the hate!! Let’s be honest, I wouldn’t mess with that guy. He’s pretty big.

You know what? I like R-Truth right now. Go figure.

Brodus Clay is doing pretty well with this stuff. I kinda like it still just because it’s different.

YESSSS! I didn’t think Punk would get his hands on Laurinaitis today but that was GREAT.

I probably won’t get a chance to watch the Rumble, which is kind of a bummer because I think it’s going to be a great show.