February 2012

Finally we get Punk and Jericho!! I wouldn’t mind if that went on for two segments. Or even three! I hope that happens more leading up to WrestleMania. that got me even more excited for the ‘Mania match, for which I didn’t even need prompting haha. I feel like Bryan’s music hitting was kind of abrupt though. I can’t really complain about seeing this match more than once because it’s pretty great. But then everything went to hell! So much chaos even though guys were just standing around! haha

Hmm, if they’re building up to a Teddy Long/Johnny Ace match at Mania…I’m not sure how I feel about that.

Divas match was alright. I wouldn’t say Kelly Kelly is good yet, but she’s gotten better.

Were people even booing The Miz? If so, not very loudly (until he spoke a bit). It seems like Cena’s just been having a good old time the past few weeks.

Tag match! man, Kofi really is one of my favorites to watch. That was a really fun, exciting match. When Kane came out I was like, “Why is he here? Unless he’s just going to decimate all six guys.” And, well, it basically happened. It fits him. Though I’m not sure it helped the tag teams much.

The GMs sound like 12 year olds.

I’m still not sure about this whole Eve angle. That promo seemed sort of pointless, something that could have been done backstage like the conversation with the Bellas last week.

Yayyy The Rock!! That guy has the best job in the world. I don’t think he expected some of those chants hahaha. That makes it better. I have to say, though, the way things are going I can’t help but peek and look for the TV-14 in the corner of the screen.

I have to apologize to the readers who were trying to look for my signs on TV Tuesday night. The Metro Centre was advertising seats that I bought as the TV side seats and instead, I was on the opposite side. I was not able to to go the TV side because the ushers were blocking it off. Thanks a lot WWE/Metro Centre for switching the arena seating!

Even after all of this, I have to say, seeing this live was really awesome. I had a fun time and was able to meet a couple cool people. A shout out to Heather who, along with her littler brother were sitting behind me. It was their first live event. I am glad you guys had fun as well! This is why I love wrestling events. The people you meet are very nice and knowledgeable about the sport. In addition, we as a fan base appreciate and enjoy the wrestlers as they give it all they have. It may look terrible at times on TV and therefore, fast forwarding through the bad stuff, but seeing it live makes you appreciate it much more.

My seat was great and didn’t leave it the whole night. With the people around me, we couldn’t see at times because there were two fat guys sitting in front of us. With floor seats, it’s hard to see over the people in front of you and if you try to stand, the ushers yell. Needless to say, I am either going to sit front row or find section seats next time around especially in Rockford because of the way the arena is constructed.

The main event between C.M. Punk and Daniel Bryan was outstanding to say the least. Those two guys in my opinion are the best pure wrestlers in the company right now. As much as I also love Ziggler who is a great wrestler as well along with Swagger and others, Punk and Bryan are the best. If I could see these guys wrestle each other more, I am fine with it.

After the show went on the air, I was able to shake Booker T’s hand as he walked past us. That was certainly an honor. He is a future hall-of-famer in my opinion. The dark match was Bryan vs. Big Show. Cody Rhodes came out but Punk returned to help out Big Show. After this, C.M. Punk and Show gave us all high fives and Heather’s brother was shocked at how big Big Show’s hands are. The guy is seriously a monster.

That is it for me. Below are some pictures from the show including the sign that did not make it on TV. Oh well. What a night. Til next time!

Yay, a giant step back for women (and really, decent people) everywhere! Thanks, Eve!! (Well, the writers of course.) Interesting line they’ve got going on. Wow, the language they’re using!! Okay that meltdown took a little too long, though. I’m not sure if we’re supposed to feel sympathy or call her names like Cena or…?

Ha, Teddy Long managed to make me laugh. Also, Metallica?? That likely cost them a pretty penny. wonder if that’s the official Undertaker/HHH theme song now hahaha. They would do something like that (not that I mind).

The tag match appealed to me during the entrances, and I wasn’t disappointed. That was fun.

I think I’d tricked myself into thinking Ron Simmons was already in the Hall of Fame for some reason, haha. Good, though, that’s a good one.

Man, Undertaker is so cool. Wait, are people seriously saying “WHAT” to The Undertaker?! C’mon. Blah blah you’re still not going to convince me that HHH/Undertaker at WrestleMania again is a good idea. Did that promo have the same effect on anyone else of just wanting Taker to lay HHH out in two seconds flat?

Hm. Aksana. Rough.

Is Cena like, a thug all the sudden? And is that supposed to start a heel turn? I wonder. Anyway, I like the edgy Cena so far. It’s an interesting thing since for so long he was completely marketed to kids, and the kids are still his biggest supporters. I’m a little excited to see how this is all going to play out.

…And clean-shaven CM Punk with a sport coat! hahaha that guy cracks me up. I think he took his lip ring out, too. Wait, Ziggler’s wrestling with the t-shirt in his trunks?! The hilarity never ends! Seems like big things are starting to happen for Santino again. I think that’s great, he is really good at what he does and I think deserves more attention and respect. I think Kofi almost saved his elimination by landing on the stairs! haha. Yay Punk vs Jericho!!!! I knew it was coming but that does not make me less thrilled.

Overall a decent RAW, I enjoyed watching it. I didn’t see the PPV last night, but is it true that they started with the WWE Championship match?? That is so strange to me.

WrestleMania is coming up pretty quick!

You know what I just realized?? I missed the 2 year blog anniversary! That happened January 11th. Pretty cool. Thanks for reading, everyone!

YES giving Kofi a mic! Okay I actually enjoyed that opening, it was entertaining. I’m not sure why I liked it since nothing really happened but they were funny. I’m glad Kofi is now looking like a competitor. I’ll be really shocked if he wins, but hopefully this can build towards stuff and wins in the future.

Neat to see HBK. Wait, they’re turning this HHH/Undertaker thing into H turning into a corporate whatever? And not just personal respect? Gross.

Interesting that they’re using Tamina’s last name now. Not a bad idea, definitely could generate some more interest for the Divas division.

Oh yes, genius. You’re being attacked by a masked crazy person and you enter a concealed area with only one door. Yeah, uh, didn’t expect that Eve/Cena kiss. Awkward. (Are they using her “let’s just be friends” to turn her heel?! hahaha)

The matches tonight were really good! I know I didn’t say much but it wasn’t because I was disappointed this time, haha. Throwing Ryder off that ramp looked legit dangerous though.

Hello friends. My name is Muhammad but I go by Fro Dog over at Fire Jerry Angelo. I would like to thank Sarah for for letting me jump on board and be able to provide my thoughts. She will still be here covering most of what is going on in WWE but I will be here every now and then to add my two cents. I have had my site for nearly four years now and have posted many articles about wrestling. My website right now consists of mostly Chicago Bears talk but I also discuss from time to time my thoughts on the Chicago Bulls and Chicago Blackhawks. I have many things I want to write about and I once again, appreciate that I have to chance to write them here.

I have been a wrestling fan my whole life and it’s by far, the best sporting event (or is it entertainment?) that someone can attend. The next event I will be attending will be Smackdown! in Rockford on February 21st and I just found out the other day that this will be LIVE on SyFy. This show will be also be significant for me personally because it will be nearly ten years to the day that I attended my first WWF event which was ironically Smackdown! in Rockford.

At the time, I was a sophomore in high school and one of my childhood friend’s dad took a bunch of us to the Metro Centre for the event. We were in the third row behind Michael Cole and Jerry Lawler. It was also the same week that the nWo came back and being a Hulkamaniac at the time, I found it to be one of  the best times as a fan. Somewhere on YouTube, you can find parts of that episode and at one point when Stephanie McMahon was talking to the announcers during the Triple H/Chris Jericho confrontation, you will see a 15 year old kid who just shaved his head in a Stone Cold “What” t-shirt just to the left the announce table. Stone Cold also drove his truck down to the ring and opened up a can on Scott Hall. I saw many more matches from great wrestlers. I don’t expect this next Smackdown! to be nearly as good but I am still excited for it.

That will be it for me. I will have an article or two coming up in the following weeks. Stay tuned.

– Fro Dog

Hi, everyone, I think I’m going to have to skip a full post tonight because I have a lot of work to finish up. I may end up posting comments if things go crazy, haha. Hope everyone enjoyed their Super Bowl Sunday!

Also, some exciting news. I’d like to introduce a new contributor to the site! Our friend Fro Dog from Chicago sports blog http://firejerryangelo.org now has special author powers for this blog. Look for posts about the state of wrestling, up-and-comers, and basically interesting things related to wrestling that go beyond just show analysis. Enjoy!

(Okay, can HHH stop burying the Undertaker? I don’t know what he’s trying to do, but I want it to stop. NO HHH/Taker match at ‘Mania, I will be annoyed. But God help WWE if they have The Undertaker lose.)