Hello friends. My name is Muhammad but I go by Fro Dog over at Fire Jerry Angelo. I would like to thank Sarah for for letting me jump on board and be able to provide my thoughts. She will still be here covering most of what is going on in WWE but I will be here every now and then to add my two cents. I have had my site for nearly four years now and have posted many articles about wrestling. My website right now consists of mostly Chicago Bears talk but I also discuss from time to time my thoughts on the Chicago Bulls and Chicago Blackhawks. I have many things I want to write about and I once again, appreciate that I have to chance to write them here.

I have been a wrestling fan my whole life and it’s by far, the best sporting event (or is it entertainment?) that someone can attend. The next event I will be attending will be Smackdown! in Rockford on February 21st and I just found out the other day that this will be LIVE on SyFy. This show will be also be significant for me personally because it will be nearly ten years to the day that I attended my first WWF event which was ironically Smackdown! in Rockford.

At the time, I was a sophomore in high school and one of my childhood friend’s dad took a bunch of us to the Metro Centre for the event. We were in the third row behind Michael Cole and Jerry Lawler. It was also the same week that the nWo came back and being a Hulkamaniac at the time, I found it to be one of  the best times as a fan. Somewhere on YouTube, you can find parts of that episode and at one point when Stephanie McMahon was talking to the announcers during the Triple H/Chris Jericho confrontation, you will see a 15 year old kid who just shaved his head in a Stone Cold “What” t-shirt just to the left the announce table. Stone Cold also drove his truck down to the ring and opened up a can on Scott Hall. I saw many more matches from great wrestlers. I don’t expect this next Smackdown! to be nearly as good but I am still excited for it.

That will be it for me. I will have an article or two coming up in the following weeks. Stay tuned.

– Fro Dog