You know what I just realized?? I missed the 2 year blog anniversary! That happened January 11th. Pretty cool. Thanks for reading, everyone!

YES giving Kofi a mic! Okay I actually enjoyed that opening, it was entertaining. I’m not sure why I liked it since nothing really happened but they were funny. I’m glad Kofi is now looking like a competitor. I’ll be really shocked if he wins, but hopefully this can build towards stuff and wins in the future.

Neat to see HBK. Wait, they’re turning this HHH/Undertaker thing into H turning into a corporate whatever? And not just personal respect? Gross.

Interesting that they’re using Tamina’s last name now. Not a bad idea, definitely could generate some more interest for the Divas division.

Oh yes, genius. You’re being attacked by a masked crazy person and you enter a concealed area with only one door. Yeah, uh, didn’t expect that Eve/Cena kiss. Awkward. (Are they using her “let’s just be friends” to turn her heel?! hahaha)

The matches tonight were really good! I know I didn’t say much but it wasn’t because I was disappointed this time, haha. Throwing Ryder off that ramp looked legit dangerous though.