Yay, a giant step back for women (and really, decent people) everywhere! Thanks, Eve!! (Well, the writers of course.) Interesting line they’ve got going on. Wow, the language they’re using!! Okay that meltdown took a little too long, though. I’m not sure if we’re supposed to feel sympathy or call her names like Cena or…?

Ha, Teddy Long managed to make me laugh. Also, Metallica?? That likely cost them a pretty penny. wonder if that’s the official Undertaker/HHH theme song now hahaha. They would do something like that (not that I mind).

The tag match appealed to me during the entrances, and I wasn’t disappointed. That was fun.

I think I’d tricked myself into thinking Ron Simmons was already in the Hall of Fame for some reason, haha. Good, though, that’s a good one.

Man, Undertaker is so cool. Wait, are people seriously saying “WHAT” to The Undertaker?! C’mon. Blah blah you’re still not going to convince me that HHH/Undertaker at WrestleMania again is a good idea. Did that promo have the same effect on anyone else of just wanting Taker to lay HHH out in two seconds flat?

Hm. Aksana. Rough.

Is Cena like, a thug all the sudden? And is that supposed to start a heel turn? I wonder. Anyway, I like the edgy Cena so far. It’s an interesting thing since for so long he was completely marketed to kids, and the kids are still his biggest supporters. I’m a little excited to see how this is all going to play out.

…And clean-shaven CM Punk with a sport coat! hahaha that guy cracks me up. I think he took his lip ring out, too. Wait, Ziggler’s wrestling with the t-shirt in his trunks?! The hilarity never ends! Seems like big things are starting to happen for Santino again. I think that’s great, he is really good at what he does and I think deserves more attention and respect. I think Kofi almost saved his elimination by landing on the stairs! haha. Yay Punk vs Jericho!!!! I knew it was coming but that does not make me less thrilled.

Overall a decent RAW, I enjoyed watching it. I didn’t see the PPV last night, but is it true that they started with the WWE Championship match?? That is so strange to me.

WrestleMania is coming up pretty quick!