I have to apologize to the readers who were trying to look for my signs on TV Tuesday night. The Metro Centre was advertising seats that I bought as the TV side seats and instead, I was on the opposite side. I was not able to to go the TV side because the ushers were blocking it off. Thanks a lot WWE/Metro Centre for switching the arena seating!

Even after all of this, I have to say, seeing this live was really awesome. I had a fun time and was able to meet a couple cool people. A shout out to Heather who, along with her littler brother were sitting behind me. It was their first live event. I am glad you guys had fun as well! This is why I love wrestling events. The people you meet are very nice and knowledgeable about the sport. In addition, we as a fan base appreciate and enjoy the wrestlers as they give it all they have. It may look terrible at times on TV and therefore, fast forwarding through the bad stuff, but seeing it live makes you appreciate it much more.

My seat was great and didn’t leave it the whole night. With the people around me, we couldn’t see at times because there were two fat guys sitting in front of us. With floor seats, it’s hard to see over the people in front of you and if you try to stand, the ushers yell. Needless to say, I am either going to sit front row or find section seats next time around especially in Rockford because of the way the arena is constructed.

The main event between C.M. Punk and Daniel Bryan was outstanding to say the least. Those two guys in my opinion are the best pure wrestlers in the company right now. As much as I also love Ziggler who is a great wrestler as well along with Swagger and others, Punk and Bryan are the best. If I could see these guys wrestle each other more, I am fine with it.

After the show went on the air, I was able to shake Booker T’s hand as he walked past us. That was certainly an honor. He is a future hall-of-famer in my opinion. The dark match was Bryan vs. Big Show. Cody Rhodes came out but Punk returned to help out Big Show. After this, C.M. Punk and Show gave us all high fives and Heather’s brother was shocked at how big Big Show’s hands are. The guy is seriously a monster.

That is it for me. Below are some pictures from the show including the sign that did not make it on TV. Oh well. What a night. Til next time!