Finally we get Punk and Jericho!! I wouldn’t mind if that went on for two segments. Or even three! I hope that happens more leading up to WrestleMania. that got me even more excited for the ‘Mania match, for which I didn’t even need prompting haha. I feel like Bryan’s music hitting was kind of abrupt though. I can’t really complain about seeing this match more than once because it’s pretty great. But then everything went to hell! So much chaos even though guys were just standing around! haha

Hmm, if they’re building up to a Teddy Long/Johnny Ace match at Mania…I’m not sure how I feel about that.

Divas match was alright. I wouldn’t say Kelly Kelly is good yet, but she’s gotten better.

Were people even booing The Miz? If so, not very loudly (until he spoke a bit). It seems like Cena’s just been having a good old time the past few weeks.

Tag match! man, Kofi really is one of my favorites to watch. That was a really fun, exciting match. When Kane came out I was like, “Why is he here? Unless he’s just going to decimate all six guys.” And, well, it basically happened. It fits him. Though I’m not sure it helped the tag teams much.

The GMs sound like 12 year olds.

I’m still not sure about this whole Eve angle. That promo seemed sort of pointless, something that could have been done backstage like the conversation with the Bellas last week.

Yayyy The Rock!! That guy has the best job in the world. I don’t think he expected some of those chants hahaha. That makes it better. I have to say, though, the way things are going I can’t help but peek and look for the TV-14 in the corner of the screen.