Sorry there was no post last week, had a lot of stuff going on. It was a pretty good RAW overall from what I remember, some weird stuff but hey, it’s WWE.

Good promo by Punk. I don’t know if their idea last week was to make him look weak or what, but I didn’t really care for it. I have to admit I laughed when Jericho was like, “But…your sister?” But the rest is dumb. Ha, lots of editing there.

Lord Tensai? Interesting.

Yeah, I like to listen to The Rock. And I’m always pretty impressed with how strong Cena is.

Less than two weeks until WrestleMania, wow. It’s interesting (though not necessarily surprising) that one of the biggest stories leading up to and at ‘Mania this year involves 3 guys who have been around forEVER. Someone recently made a joke about it being a rerun from several years ago. And then having The Rock in a main event, too. But, you can’t argue they don’t have young/new guys in there; Punk’s got a huge match, Daniel Bryan is in a title match with Sheamus. It’s kind of a good balance, because let’s be honest, they’re not getting rid of these guys who’ve been around for so long, but other guys are still getting a chance.