April 2012

Heh, I forgot the “starring Brock Lesnar” thing was happening and I was so puzzled when it first appeared. Anyway. I’m personally glad Cena won last night. Seems as though there was lots o’ blood but it sounds like an interesting match (I didn’t get to watch). All of the wrestlers get so beat up at Extreme Rules, sometimes it hurts to watch!

I haven’t been so happy to see HHH in a while! He kinda brought things back to reality. And then got beat up. Man, Brock really scares me hahaha. I don’t know if he’s just really good at what he does or if his crazy eyes are real.

Hey, I was just talking about Layla! Glad she’s back, and I think she also deserves the title a whole lot more than some other Divas.

I like Brodus Clay but every week now he’s just squashing people.

Hm, Eve’s character got even more annoying than before.

The tag match was quite good. I wonder if the titles will mean more now that fans really like the people who hold them.

Punk vs. Bryan on PPV? That is a good idea, WWE.

That Cena segment was…uhhh…why are they just breaking everyone?

I missed the first couple minutes of RAW, and I turned on the TV to see Edge!! Didn’t expect that, but pretty cool. He is really good at this whole wrestling thing.

Remember when Kofi Kingston was on a tag team and then disappeared for a while? To me, that was a really bad choice. His match tonight was a nice little comeback of main event-level stuff; he and Jericho had a GREAT match. I really enjoyed it.

I was wondering earlier today if Otunga would be around tonight. His girlfriend/wife (I can never remember) Jennifer Hudson had to be in Chicago today to deal with legal stuff concerning the homicides of some family members; that’s pretty awful :/ It seems like he’s able to be with her and that’s nice.

Okay, seriously. I think I could read out the phonetic Japanese better than Tensai. This gimmick just bothers me so much. I like that they’re giving a little more explanation of, “oh he went to Japan for a long time,” but still. Also, is his breathing supposed to intimidate me? It just makes me think I could outrun him. hahaha

I wonder if Paul Bearer is back for a while or just for tonight!

As much as I’m not a huge fan of the angle they’re taking with Punk and Jericho, I’m glad this feud is still going. It seemed like before WrestleMania they started kind of rushing things with them, but this has had a little more time to fester now.

Wait, is there really a Divas Championship match out of nowhere?! Come on, guys, at least pretend you’re trying here. “A few weeks ago on SmackDown” does not a number one contender make. Oh my gosh. And then Beth Phoenix lost the title. Ughhh.

It’s true, nobody can recite the alphabet backwards unless they practice. I was actually entertained by fake drunk Punk. Mostly because you knew how it was going to end, and that Jericho would get his face kicked.

I think one reason I’m not a huge Lesnar fan (and I know this is stupid) is that he has the crazy eyes. I’m actually scared of him. The, “Monday Night Raw: Starring Brock Lesnar” line made me laugh though. I’m also glad he had boots on and not just tennis shoes, he looks more respectable (as if his size and crazy eyes aren’t enough).

Sorry there was no post last week, I was traveling. I did watch RAW later in the week and it was…okay. This is kind of stupid of me but I can’t take Brock Lesnar as seriously when he’s just wearing track pants and running shoes. It just looks odd to me.

I enjoyed the WWE title match. It can be hard to make matches with big guys believable, but that worked quite well. I have to admit I’m not a huge fan of the angle they’re taking with Punk but I mean, it can’t be perfect forever.

I did quite enjoy Cena slapping Lesnar in the face last week. I’ve decided to root against Brock. I’m not entirely sure why since I haven’t even seen him wrestle yet, but that’s that! haha.

Man, Vickie is still so good at what she does. I’m still enjoying Brodus Clay’s gimmick as well. Perhaps soon he’ll have a real match.

I’m not much of a Tensai fan. His character is just awful to me. I think he works too slowly for my liking (or maybe I just don’t like his style?). No doubt he’s powerful, but I just don’t find myself caring to watch him much. The green crap is weird (also definitely was not green until this week, but no matter). I think Cena sold that great though.

The last part of this article concentrates on the name change from WWF to WWE. We all know that Vince McMahon had no control over this. The World Wildlife Fund claimed for many years that people were confusing the two companies. That couldn’t be any further from the truth in my opinion. I just remember at the time a lot of people saying the same thing that I was that no one has ever heard of the World Wildlife Fund. This was all money and just selfishness upon the World Wildlife Fund. They probably were mad at the emerging popularity during the Attitude Era and how Vince McMahon more of a household name.

With this name change along with the roster split, I still firmly believe that this sent the stock of WWE down. While to this day, Vince McMahon continues to profit. The numbers, however, are still not as high as it was ten years ago. There isn’t one certain solution to this problem but rather, a whole set of them. We see Brock Lesnar return and the roof comes off the place. This past week, WWE couldn’t sustain the momentum. Maybe it was the crowd or maybe not. I have no idea.

I still consider myself my loyal to WWE. I am a wrestling fan and always will be. As this article shows, I have a nostalgia for the Attitude Era. A lot of fans around my age or older do. I think we just have a hard time accepting the fact that wrestling will never be the same. I think one step towards getting something similar to the old days is ending the roster split once and for all. They did a little bit with the “Raw Supershow”. But I think putting all superstars on both shows and having them show up to both would help.

There will be a surplus again of wrestlers but I think bringing back titles like the European and Cruiserweight will give more opportunities to some of the wrestlers that get little or no time on TV. Another solution to this is unfortunately, future endeavoring the guys that honestly, are irrelevant. I am sure TNA could use more parts off the scrap heap anyway. One thing comes to mind though: Does Vince McMahon fear that if he did “future endeavor” a bunch of these guys that they will become great somewhere else? Does he fear that TNA will be just like WCW in the mid-90’s and just steal a bunch of his guys?

No chance in hell.

Nostalgia: A wistful desire to return in thought in fact to a formertime in one’s life

In other words, I wish wrestling was as great every night like it was from 1998-2002. This period of time was the “Attitude Era”. It was the time that I was into wrestling more than I ever was before that and after. It was when I looked forward to watching wrestling. Not that it’s not now, but I am just not as excited as I was. Certainly, this last Monday night was a rare night where there was an exception to the rule. Some people called it one of the best 48 hours in wrestling.

It was ten years ago that the face of wrestling changed in my opinion. Just a year before, Vince McMahon bought WCW for some pocket change and things seemed to have been pointing up. 2001 was an exciting time for fans such as myself because we all believed we were about to see some dream matches because of the sale of WCW. Some of us thought that we could see Austin vs. Goldberg or Austin vs. Hogan and many more. Luckily, we saw Hogan vs. Rock in 2002 but that was the limit.

So McMahon was stuck with all of these wrestlers combined with surplus of talent that he had in the minor leagues of wrestling. This brought an idea that I believe sent the company downhill. I am talking about that gloomy Monday night after Wrestlemania X8 when Linda McMahon confirmed the rumors that fans were hearing for months: Each show would have different rosters. I just remember going to a friend of mine in high school and whining that this was a bad idea. He thought things would be better because there would be more wrestlers. While that was true, I thought things should have been handled differently.

As it showed and still does to this day, ratings have sunk for Raw as well as Smackdown. I am not going to pin this entirely on the roster split but I honestly believe this had a lot to do with it. While we did see the likes of Brock Lesnar, John Cena and Rey Mysterio emerge as main eventers, I believe they all could have succeeded regardless. Before this, after Raw would end, fans would have Smackdown to look forward to and vice versa. After the split and even now, fans have to pretty much wait a full week for a continuation of a storyline.

I believe even with the surplus of wrestlers leftover, I thought McMahon had options that could have worked better. One simple idea would be to just “future endeavor” the ones he didn’t want. Regardless, things could have seemed to be more simpler. Since then, rivalries that once started off as interesting became stale quickly, ratings dropped and many fans went away.

Sure. There was the draft every year which made things once again exciting. But after a while, it was deja vu. Fans became bored and they can’t be blamed for going away. If the product isn’t great, fans aren’t going to invest their time and/or money into it. Another thing that I find that sucks is that I can remember storylines from ten years ago but I cannot remember what happened five years ago. Old age? Doubt it. Maybe some of the stroylines were good in say, 2007 but they weren’t as memorable as the ones in 2000.

Part II coming up.

“People power?” I know Johnny Ace is an idiot, but they couldn’t do better than that? Hopefully he gets socked in the face soon.

I did manage to see most of WrestleMania and I thought it was a spectacular show. Check out Fro’s review below, I also left a quick comment on there.
I also watched the Hall of Fame ceremony they aired before RAW. I’m normally not super impressed with the one they show because it cuts so much out, but I couldn’t resist seeing Edge. It seemed like a really great moment.

I somehow keep closing the tab I have this post in. That can’t be a good sign.

Triple Threat was pretty good; I really like most stuff Ziggler does, I think he’s fun to watch fly around the ring (and that bounce off of Brodus Clay’s head was pretty cool looking).

Lord Tensai is here! He’s been around before, under different and non-Japanese names Prince Albert and A-Train. I remember seeing him but have to admit I don’t remember much about his wrestling. I’m not really buying the Japanese, though, seems like a really big stretch. Why not just have Yoshi Tatsu up instead of a fake Asian? Big guy, though, which could be interesting with some of the other big guys on the roster – though we have angry big guys already. Match seemed pretty slow, though. My response so far is “meh.”

Some of these guys have to be so incredibly sore. Punk/Jericho seemed like they had a lot of hard spots. I can’t even imagine what HHH and Undertaker feel like. Ouch.

This crowd is great. They sound so excited and it’s really creating a cool atmosphere.

Okay, I wasn’t very optimistic but Mark Henry vs. CM Punk was a good match, especially for the night after WrestleMania. I think that was a good way for the match to end. It wasn’t gimmicky, both guys put up a really good fight (I can’t say both had an equally good shot because I didn’t expect Punk to drop the title, but really they were both showing strength).

Wow, way to beat the champion up after the match though. Eww Jack Daniels everywhere (didn’t JBL do that to Punk too?). Interesting. You know what’s a bit odd to me? Punk in the middle of the show. I know they try to put big names at the hour mark for ratings or whatever, but people LOVE this guy. People might like him more than they hate Cena. It just seems like he should be the main main event, not just a middle-of-the-show attempt to draw viewers. But then again, I’m biased since he’s my favorite. And the Cena think likely would be tough to follow.

I can’t say I expected the boos I heard for Sheamus. But Del Rio is back! I was wondering where he was, but it makes sense to wait until after WrestleMania. I’m glad he’s back though, Del Rio can be fun to watch too.

I don’t really know who MGK is but he got people to hate him QUICK.

Cody and Kofi, good match! Well, what we saw of it at least.

I liked the video package (commercial) for next year’s Mania. They really do such a good job with that stuff every time.

Did Eve’s promo seem useless to anyone else?

And now Brock Lesnar is back.
You all won’t believe this, but I have no opinion of Lesnar as a WWE guy. I just was not paying enough attention to wrestling when he was wrestling before. But I know the guy is a badass. I am excited to see where this will go.

I have to say, that was probably one of the best Wrestlemania shows in the last few years. The last few shows, in my opinion had some good spots but as a full show, I feel like this was the best one in quite a while.

I will say the first match between Bryan and Sheamus sucked. The crowd was going nuts for Bryan and have it end the way it did totally sucked. The time they used to have Brodus Clay was horrible. I know I said this was a great show, but these were the only two things that kept it from being perfect.

I knew the Undertaker/HHH match wasn’t going to have much “wrestling” due to the Undertaker still not 100% but that was entertaining. Punk/Jericho was pretty good although I thought it could be better. Beggers can’t be choosers, right? The Rock/Cena match seemed to have dragged as the pace wasn’t as fast as most wanted but I must say, the finish was perfect. You couldn’t have scripted it (literally) any better than it was. Not many thought The Rock was going to win.

The last thing I will say is that I had a feeling that it was going to be a good show. Not because of the lineup, but because I felt that this year’s Wrestlemania wasn’t as “hyped” as years’ past. Of course we saw the Cena/Rock documentary on a few other channels throughout the week but that’s it. I didn’t hear many announcers shove it down our throats like in past years. This is what wrestling should be. If every show or pay-per-view was like this, more people would tune in.

Coming up in the next week or two, I am going to have an article that I may have to split into two parts but I think it’s going to be pretty good. Stay tuned.