“People power?” I know Johnny Ace is an idiot, but they couldn’t do better than that? Hopefully he gets socked in the face soon.

I did manage to see most of WrestleMania and I thought it was a spectacular show. Check out Fro’s review below, I also left a quick comment on there.
I also watched the Hall of Fame ceremony they aired before RAW. I’m normally not super impressed with the one they show because it cuts so much out, but I couldn’t resist seeing Edge. It seemed like a really great moment.

I somehow keep closing the tab I have this post in. That can’t be a good sign.

Triple Threat was pretty good; I really like most stuff Ziggler does, I think he’s fun to watch fly around the ring (and that bounce off of Brodus Clay’s head was pretty cool looking).

Lord Tensai is here! He’s been around before, under different and non-Japanese names Prince Albert and A-Train. I remember seeing him but have to admit I don’t remember much about his wrestling. I’m not really buying the Japanese, though, seems like a really big stretch. Why not just have Yoshi Tatsu up instead of a fake Asian? Big guy, though, which could be interesting with some of the other big guys on the roster – though we have angry big guys already. Match seemed pretty slow, though. My response so far is “meh.”

Some of these guys have to be so incredibly sore. Punk/Jericho seemed like they had a lot of hard spots. I can’t even imagine what HHH and Undertaker feel like. Ouch.

This crowd is great. They sound so excited and it’s really creating a cool atmosphere.

Okay, I wasn’t very optimistic but Mark Henry vs. CM Punk was a good match, especially for the night after WrestleMania. I think that was a good way for the match to end. It wasn’t gimmicky, both guys put up a really good fight (I can’t say both had an equally good shot because I didn’t expect Punk to drop the title, but really they were both showing strength).

Wow, way to beat the champion up after the match though. Eww Jack Daniels everywhere (didn’t JBL do that to Punk too?). Interesting. You know what’s a bit odd to me? Punk in the middle of the show. I know they try to put big names at the hour mark for ratings or whatever, but people LOVE this guy. People might like him more than they hate Cena. It just seems like he should be the main main event, not just a middle-of-the-show attempt to draw viewers. But then again, I’m biased since he’s my favorite. And the Cena think likely would be tough to follow.

I can’t say I expected the boos I heard for Sheamus. But Del Rio is back! I was wondering where he was, but it makes sense to wait until after WrestleMania. I’m glad he’s back though, Del Rio can be fun to watch too.

I don’t really know who MGK is but he got people to hate him QUICK.

Cody and Kofi, good match! Well, what we saw of it at least.

I liked the video package (commercial) for next year’s Mania. They really do such a good job with that stuff every time.

Did Eve’s promo seem useless to anyone else?

And now Brock Lesnar is back.
You all won’t believe this, but I have no opinion of Lesnar as a WWE guy. I just was not paying enough attention to wrestling when he was wrestling before. But I know the guy is a badass. I am excited to see where this will go.