Nostalgia: A wistful desire to return in thought in fact to a formertime in one’s life

In other words, I wish wrestling was as great every night like it was from 1998-2002. This period of time was the “Attitude Era”. It was the time that I was into wrestling more than I ever was before that and after. It was when I looked forward to watching wrestling. Not that it’s not now, but I am just not as excited as I was. Certainly, this last Monday night was a rare night where there was an exception to the rule. Some people called it one of the best 48 hours in wrestling.

It was ten years ago that the face of wrestling changed in my opinion. Just a year before, Vince McMahon bought WCW for some pocket change and things seemed to have been pointing up. 2001 was an exciting time for fans such as myself because we all believed we were about to see some dream matches because of the sale of WCW. Some of us thought that we could see Austin vs. Goldberg or Austin vs. Hogan and many more. Luckily, we saw Hogan vs. Rock in 2002 but that was the limit.

So McMahon was stuck with all of these wrestlers combined with surplus of talent that he had in the minor leagues of wrestling. This brought an idea that I believe sent the company downhill. I am talking about that gloomy Monday night after Wrestlemania X8 when Linda McMahon confirmed the rumors that fans were hearing for months: Each show would have different rosters. I just remember going to a friend of mine in high school and whining that this was a bad idea. He thought things would be better because there would be more wrestlers. While that was true, I thought things should have been handled differently.

As it showed and still does to this day, ratings have sunk for Raw as well as Smackdown. I am not going to pin this entirely on the roster split but I honestly believe this had a lot to do with it. While we did see the likes of Brock Lesnar, John Cena and Rey Mysterio emerge as main eventers, I believe they all could have succeeded regardless. Before this, after Raw would end, fans would have Smackdown to look forward to and vice versa. After the split and even now, fans have to pretty much wait a full week for a continuation of a storyline.

I believe even with the surplus of wrestlers leftover, I thought McMahon had options that could have worked better. One simple idea would be to just “future endeavor” the ones he didn’t want. Regardless, things could have seemed to be more simpler. Since then, rivalries that once started off as interesting became stale quickly, ratings dropped and many fans went away.

Sure. There was the draft every year which made things once again exciting. But after a while, it was deja vu. Fans became bored and they can’t be blamed for going away. If the product isn’t great, fans aren’t going to invest their time and/or money into it. Another thing that I find that sucks is that I can remember storylines from ten years ago but I cannot remember what happened five years ago. Old age? Doubt it. Maybe some of the stroylines were good in say, 2007 but they weren’t as memorable as the ones in 2000.

Part II coming up.