The last part of this article concentrates on the name change from WWF to WWE. We all know that Vince McMahon had no control over this. The World Wildlife Fund claimed for many years that people were confusing the two companies. That couldn’t be any further from the truth in my opinion. I just remember at the time a lot of people saying the same thing that I was that no one has ever heard of the World Wildlife Fund. This was all money and just selfishness upon the World Wildlife Fund. They probably were mad at the emerging popularity during the Attitude Era and how Vince McMahon more of a household name.

With this name change along with the roster split, I still firmly believe that this sent the stock of WWE down. While to this day, Vince McMahon continues to profit. The numbers, however, are still not as high as it was ten years ago. There isn’t one certain solution to this problem but rather, a whole set of them. We see Brock Lesnar return and the roof comes off the place. This past week, WWE couldn’t sustain the momentum. Maybe it was the crowd or maybe not. I have no idea.

I still consider myself my loyal to WWE. I am a wrestling fan and always will be. As this article shows, I have a nostalgia for the Attitude Era. A lot of fans around my age or older do. I think we just have a hard time accepting the fact that wrestling will never be the same. I think one step towards getting something similar to the old days is ending the roster split once and for all. They did a little bit with the “Raw Supershow”. But I think putting all superstars on both shows and having them show up to both would help.

There will be a surplus again of wrestlers but I think bringing back titles like the European and Cruiserweight will give more opportunities to some of the wrestlers that get little or no time on TV. Another solution to this is unfortunately, future endeavoring the guys that honestly, are irrelevant. I am sure TNA could use more parts off the scrap heap anyway. One thing comes to mind though: Does Vince McMahon fear that if he did “future endeavor” a bunch of these guys that they will become great somewhere else? Does he fear that TNA will be just like WCW in the mid-90’s and just steal a bunch of his guys?

No chance in hell.