Sorry there was no post last week, I was traveling. I did watch RAW later in the week and it was…okay. This is kind of stupid of me but I can’t take Brock Lesnar as seriously when he’s just wearing track pants and running shoes. It just looks odd to me.

I enjoyed the WWE title match. It can be hard to make matches with big guys believable, but that worked quite well. I have to admit I’m not a huge fan of the angle they’re taking with Punk but I mean, it can’t be perfect forever.

I did quite enjoy Cena slapping Lesnar in the face last week. I’ve decided to root against Brock. I’m not entirely sure why since I haven’t even seen him wrestle yet, but that’s that! haha.

Man, Vickie is still so good at what she does. I’m still enjoying Brodus Clay’s gimmick as well. Perhaps soon he’ll have a real match.

I’m not much of a Tensai fan. His character is just awful to me. I think he works too slowly for my liking (or maybe I just don’t like his style?). No doubt he’s powerful, but I just don’t find myself caring to watch him much. The green crap is weird (also definitely was not green until this week, but no matter). I think Cena sold that great though.