I missed the first couple minutes of RAW, and I turned on the TV to see Edge!! Didn’t expect that, but pretty cool. He is really good at this whole wrestling thing.

Remember when Kofi Kingston was on a tag team and then disappeared for a while? To me, that was a really bad choice. His match tonight was a nice little comeback of main event-level stuff; he and Jericho had a GREAT match. I really enjoyed it.

I was wondering earlier today if Otunga would be around tonight. His girlfriend/wife (I can never remember) Jennifer Hudson had to be in Chicago today to deal with legal stuff concerning the homicides of some family members; that’s pretty awful :/ It seems like he’s able to be with her and that’s nice.

Okay, seriously. I think I could read out the phonetic Japanese better than Tensai. This gimmick just bothers me so much. I like that they’re giving a little more explanation of, “oh he went to Japan for a long time,” but still. Also, is his breathing supposed to intimidate me? It just makes me think I could outrun him. hahaha

I wonder if Paul Bearer is back for a while or just for tonight!

As much as I’m not a huge fan of the angle they’re taking with Punk and Jericho, I’m glad this feud is still going. It seemed like before WrestleMania they started kind of rushing things with them, but this has had a little more time to fester now.

Wait, is there really a Divas Championship match out of nowhere?! Come on, guys, at least pretend you’re trying here. “A few weeks ago on SmackDown” does not a number one contender make. Oh my gosh. And then Beth Phoenix lost the title. Ughhh.

It’s true, nobody can recite the alphabet backwards unless they practice. I was actually entertained by fake drunk Punk. Mostly because you knew how it was going to end, and that Jericho would get his face kicked.

I think one reason I’m not a huge Lesnar fan (and I know this is stupid) is that he has the crazy eyes. I’m actually scared of him. The, “Monday Night Raw: Starring Brock Lesnar” line made me laugh though. I’m also glad he had boots on and not just tennis shoes, he looks more respectable (as if his size and crazy eyes aren’t enough).