Heh, I forgot the “starring Brock Lesnar” thing was happening and I was so puzzled when it first appeared. Anyway. I’m personally glad Cena won last night. Seems as though there was lots o’ blood but it sounds like an interesting match (I didn’t get to watch). All of the wrestlers get so beat up at Extreme Rules, sometimes it hurts to watch!

I haven’t been so happy to see HHH in a while! He kinda brought things back to reality. And then got beat up. Man, Brock really scares me hahaha. I don’t know if he’s just really good at what he does or if his crazy eyes are real.

Hey, I was just talking about Layla! Glad she’s back, and I think she also deserves the title a whole lot more than some other Divas.

I like Brodus Clay but every week now he’s just squashing people.

Hm, Eve’s character got even more annoying than before.

The tag match was quite good. I wonder if the titles will mean more now that fans really like the people who hold them.

Punk vs. Bryan on PPV? That is a good idea, WWE.

That Cena segment was…uhhh…why are they just breaking everyone?