Big Show and Cody Rhodes: the feud that just won’t quit.

It’s interesting to me that they’re putting Tensai in with the top, top guys already. He’s just had a few squash matches and they’re making him really important all the sudden. I know he has a history, but still. Also I might not care as much if I liked him. I’ll stop complaining about him soon, I promise.

Dolph Ziggler vs. Kofi Kingston – WWE’s attempt to persuade me that this RAW is awesome. I admit it’s helping a lot.

Nice to see Layla wrestle again! I would’ve preferred her against Natalya but oh well. I wonder if Beth will be ready to wrestle in two weeks – she posted a photo of her ankle a couple weeks ago and it looked pretty gnarly. Hopefully she’s lucky and is healing quickly.

Paul Heyman!! Badass. I’m not sure if people were cheering for him at the end of the statement he read or cheering for Lesnar quitting. Both, for me. Hahaha

SERIOUSLY can they mute Tensai’s breathing or something??