Well folks, I am back. Things have been pretty quiet around here. There has been a few things going on in the world of WWE and I am here to chime in.

With No Way Out here, wrestling has been rather “status-quo”. It seems like some of us are just waiting for something big to happen and it hasn’t happened yet. I am afraid to say this but I feel WWE is heading back into one of those “downward-spirals” and it seems like this happening more often. It’s that span where the storylines just don’t interest me for quite some time.

I felt like last year after C.M. Punk lashed out and had the promo the decade, that WWE was on the upside. I will say that there have been some good moments in the last year. There was the Punk promo, then the Rock coming back and lately, Lesnar coming back.

The problem with all of this? WWE hasn’t been able to sustain the momentum and it’s not the wrestlers’ faults. They threw Punk around with the likes of HHH, Nash and Cena with no type of plan and it was a disaster. The Rock went back to Hollywood and with Lesnar, WWE wasn’t able to get enough appearances out of him on the contract. Why sign a guy for one year and $5 million when he only has 20-30 dates?

To make matters worst, Vince McMahon thought it was a good idea to make Raw a three-hour show every Monday night. Guess what? This makes me not want to watch live even more. How did the three-hour Nitro episodes do in the late 90’s? This decision will lose viewers and I am praying that they go back to two hours. This is a really dumb decision. If this was during the Attitude Era, I would still say this is a dumb decision. Two hours is enough, especially when I fast forward through most of the bad wrestling and it results in me only watching a total of about 45 minutes.

I am sure there is much more to to comment on. I’ll leave it up to you guys.

Til next time.