Well after several weeks on a lovely island and not watching RAW, I have returned!  I think I needed a break from it honestly; I also heard that a few weeks ago was one of the worst episodes in a while.  But I have high hopes for this big 1000th show!  Don’t screw up, WWE! 🙂

Man, if parts of that opening montage didn’t give you chills, wrestling has really disillusioned you.  I’m personally hoping they get a new intro song (not necessarily the one they used though).  Opening with Vince is the only way to go.  DX is already making me feel like an excited little kid.  I’m glad X-Pac had his helmet, I think he might need it.

Wouldn’t be a RAW celebration without JR!  Also, I’m glad Lillian Garcia is there.  The six-man tag was okay.  I think with the guys in it, it could have been REALLY spectacular though.

And as things are rolling nicely, they go back to the Bryan/AJ marriage.  Meh.  But they threw in Mae Young’s hand….didn’t expect that.  But anyway, I kind of can’t believe I’m watching this haha.  Crowd is fired up though, I like that.  Uhhh….what?  GM of RAW?

I can get used to CM Punk and The Rock being in the ring together.  But Royal Rumble is a long way away, Rock really likes to schedule far in advance haha.  

Come on, Lesnar, put some damned boots on.  You look like a bulked up gym teacher or something.  

JBL! Haven’t seen him in quite a while.  Lita’s still in good shape!  

Oh hell yes, the Undertaker.  I still wish he had his hair, but I really can’t complain about anything that guy does.

Main event was good.  I would’ve preferred no interference, but watching Punk like, cower in the corner made it worth it.  I love everything that guy does.  They have a CM Punk DVD coming out soon, you all don’t know how excited I am for that one.  But anyway, I loved that almost-finish with Punk dragging the ref back in.  Told a great story, which is at least half the battle.  How did Rock run so fast in those jeans?

Yeah, that ending was good.  I was pleased with the whole episode.  All I want is for wrestling to make me smile, and this RAW certainly did.  What a fun show.