A lot has been going on in the world of WWE both with storylines and in real-life. I’ll try to sum it up as much as I can so here I go:

It seemed like a year ago, CM Punk took the world of wrestling off of life support by doing the promo of the century. About two months later, it seemed like it all fizzled away like a flat bottle of pop. It seems the same problems that were in WWE two or three years ago, are still here and now, there are even more. Last week, when I am watching Raw 1000, I was excited (for one night) to be a wrestling fan. All of the DX members minus Chyna returned and it made me feel like I was in 1998 all over again. I felt like doing the crotch-chop and saying “Suck It” like friends and I use to do during recess in 7Th grade. Everything was going great until the last few minutes of the show.

Apparently, the writers and management thought it would be a fantastic idea to turn CM Punk heel. Just a year into this “frenzy” that everyone, including myself was into, they decide to pull this. Punk has a DVD coming out soon as well as being on the cover of the new video game, why have that guy be the bad guy? There are so many problems with all of this, that I am afraid I am going to be forgetting a few things after finishing this article. But after this past week’s show, I am convinced that management and the writers are idiots. They are never patient with any talent whatsoever. Instead of giving time for a talent to develop, they pull the plug on potential too early and let the ones with no potential go too long. I just believe that with CM Punk’s character change, it will hurt the company in the long-run. I thought this was unwarranted and it’s not just being selfish as a fan. I just think it is good for business that Punk stayed a face.

In addition to this, another disaster has occurred with Abraham Washington. On Monday night, he was on the mic and said “Titus O’Neil  is like Kobe Bryant at a hotel in Colorado. He is unstoppable.” This was just horrible on many different levels. Reports say that action is being taken with him so I am guessing a suspension and/or fine is on the way. Another thing is frustrating me and maybe it’s just me, but the social media garbage that WWE is shoving down our throats every show. Why can’t we fans just watch wrestling without 359 references to social media sites? I understand it’s a different day and age but I do find it annoying and not just wrestling, but other sports as well. It just gives me another reason to not ever have stuff like Facebook or Twitter.

The last thing I am going to mention is the $500 million loss (Yes. That’s the correct estimate.) that Vince McMahon has had on his company. The source is the Stamford Advocate and it said that Vince McMahon has lost that much money in the last two years because of the WWE stock declining from $18.64 per share to $7.86. That’s over a 50% loss. Horrible. You know what has caused this? If you said value of the product, you are correct.

When Jim Ross was in charge of talent in the late 1990’s and early 2000’s, some of the best talent I have seen in my lifetime was on display. Even the mid-card guys like Val Venis, D’Lo Brown and others were valuable pieces to an excellent roster. I have stressed many times that the roster split in 2002 messed things up but at the same time, John Laurinitis was taking over soon after. WWE announced that he resigned from his job citing fatigue recently. I can’t say he’s a bad guy but the mis-management of this talent shouldn’t all be shouldered on him. It should also be on the writers for not helping these guys out and letting them reach their full-potential.

Triple H is now the guy in charge of scouting and signing talent. Whether or not he has his own guys to help out is unsure of. I am not really a fan of his but it seems like he is doing some good things with the minor league talent as well as the wrestlers in the Indy leagues.  This is a mess that could take years to clean up. I still feel that WWE has a ton of talent that is misused. I won’t go into specific examples but let’s say some to these “young guys” that were suppose to be big stars years ago aren’t young anymore. Just like other sports, every wrestler has a clock on the primes of their careers. You can see a guy like Chris Jericho who is obviously, no longer in his prime but can still wrestle with the best. That being said, he only has a few years left in him.

In conclusion, with this huge loss that McMahon has taken, he needs to quit screwing around with politics and focus on wrestling. I think the idea of the WWE Network sounds great. However, it doesn’t look like he will have the funds to cover for it nor the support of cable/satellite companies. If Vinny Mac is worried about his money, he needs to put a better product on TV. Enough of this garbage. Let the young guys be who they want to be just like he did in the 1990’s when the company was desperate. I feel like it’s time for the young guys to step up. However, it’s hard to do when your bosses are holding you back of doing something great. To be honest, it worries me as a fan and therefore, I think the WWE is in trouble. Again.