Well, between the Olympics, TiVo technical difficulties (that was rough), and my own disinterest I once again haven’t watched RAW for a little while. But, here goes! I have to admit the thought of constant 3-hour episodes terrifies me, but SummerSlam just happened and that’s a pretty big deal, which is compelling me to watch. Also I want to know what CM Punk is up to, and I know Jericho is leaving again/nearly already gone (since his band Fozzy is touring with my favorite band SOiL!), and I like that guy.

Right, sort of forgot about Brock Lesnar again. How did he look at SummerSlam? Anyone have an opinion? I’m guessing I won’t catch a replay, unless there’s something really spectacular I should see (and I’m not sure Lesnar would count as that, but maybe). Uh oh, you know someone’s in trouble when they actually use a referee’s name on air! Wait, they’re beating Shawn Michaels up now? Interesting. I’ll be kinda bummed if he starts wrestling full matches again. It’s not that I don’t want to see him, but he retired.

Cody Rhodes having a caricature of Sin Cara being “ugly” while also being involved in the anti-bullying campaign is…a very wrestling thing to do. I’m glad Kofi is getting in the ring (what seems like) regularly.

It still doesn’t totally make sense to me that AJ is general manager, but seeing it happen, it’s better than I thought since she’s just crazy and does whatever. Wrestling hasn’t made good sense in a while anyway. It’s pretty entertaining that she skips everywhere.

Hmm, finally a new WWE app. It really took them a long time to get there, which is surprising given their focus on technology. I’ll probably grab it, and if I have enough to say maybe I’ll post a little review.

Damien Sandow’s cartwheel made me laugh out loud.

Uh, the Diva Battle Royal helped remind me why I didn’t watch wrestling for a while. It wasn’t a complete disaster, but it was a mess. At least Tamina and Natalya had some stuff going on. Where was Beth Phoenix? And has Kaitlyn been doing well enough to deserve this title shot? Last I saw (which was quite a while ago) she wasn’t a trainwreck but…eh.

Okay. Dolph Ziggler vs. Chris Jericho is an easy way to win me over. No complaints – except bummed that Jericho’s gone again, but I don’t think this is the end. At least I really hope not.
I’m not sure that WWE Films movie is my kind of thing, but it’s very interesting to me that it’s an R-rated movie with no apparent stars that are wrestlers (in fact I just checked the IMDb page and I’m not sure there are any wrestlers in it at all). Seems like a way for people to take WWE films more seriously, I wonder how that will go.

I love Punk’s pink and black.