Hope everyone had a relaxing and safe long weekend!
I did watch RAW last week but obviously did not post; it was fine, not a terrible show but not much that was really spectacular.

RAW was in Chicago last night. I didn’t go but Fro did, so hopefully we’ll be able to hear the live review soon! I believe he brought the ever-popular “Put some pants on!” sign again, as well – something CM Punk obviously paid attention to as he was wearing jeans, which is strange.

CM Punk isn’t even super huge and AJ looks just absolutely tiny next to him. I’m still trying to figure out why she’s GM.

So, Mysterio tagging with Sin Cara could be cool, but I have to say putting Tensai in the match kind of crushed my hopes for that match. It was alright though. I like Rhodes actually and it’s good to finally see Rey back, hopefully he can stay healthy (and out of trouble).

Seriously, the anger management segments are gold. One of my favorite things they’ve done in a while. It’s very different and they’re doing it well.

Bahaha, Punk taking the day off.

Cool finish by Sheamus to get Swagger to tap. Sheamus has kind of grown on me, I don’t remember being a huge fan when he first emerged but he seems like a guy that works really hard and is actively trying to improve all the time.

Does anybody else find it odd that Layla now has Tiffany’s old entrance music? Uh, so, that Divas match. I’m fairly certain Katilyn is already better in the ring than Eve. The neckbreaker at the end looked good though.

I thought Miz did a pretty good job as an announcer. He has a character to play and is a wrestler, not an announcer, so I was pretty impressed.

I’m also impressed with how the WWE has gotten people to like Ryback so much and so quickly.

And Ryback’s match is the last I saw. TiVo has just crashed again 😦