Sorry I am a bit late with this. Work has been hectic. I would have to say, WWE picked the wrong night, overall, for a good Raw. It was Labor Day and the ratings were pretty low for viewership. It was one of the best Raw’s I have seen in a while and being there in person made it even better. Both of my signs made it on TV. Click here if you want to see the pictures. My signs said “Put Some Pants On” and “Larry Horse Wants Ice Cream”.

I noticed below that there wasn’t a full recap but I’ll try to fill in the void. After the Goldberg Ryback match, Santino lost to Antonio Cesaro. Can someone tell me who this Cesaro guy is? He’s been on TV for a few months and he already has a title? I forgot this is WWE we are talking about. They usually give titles to bums and thus, making them irrelevant. I remember when the U.S. Title actually meant something. Cesaro is not an upcoming star. Ryder vs. Slater was up next. Ryder had a huge pop from the crowd. He actually isn’t that bad at wrestling either. The goofy character though needs to go away.

Vickie cuts a promo complaining about A.J. A.J. promptly comes out, apologizes and Vickie says that she can’t attack anybody anymore. So Vickie slaps her twice, laughs in a very evil way and then, walks to the back. A.J. goes nuts in the ring by smacking the chair on the ring. She really knows how to play the part. As this is happening, I am reminded of that crazy girl I dated for a bit back in college. Scary. Also, some guy was arrested for trying to throw something at A.J. in the ring. I couldn’t see what it was but four cops came down and dragged him out. Idiot. Last but not least was the match between Cena and Del Rio. This was actually pretty good. Punk returning and riding off with Paul Heyman was a fine way to end the show.

Last week, I went to the house show in Rockford and was able to get some handshakes from John Cena at the end of the show as he was thanking the fans. That was pretty awesome. On Monday night, John Cena allowed a fan dressed as the Macho Man to go in the ring and do a pose. Say what you want about John Cena whether how he is wrestles or his personal life, but he is a class act. The guy shows up to work and does what is asked. Even on his days off, he is probably working somewhere. He is the Hulk Hogan of this generation and that’s why he is the top guy. I am a fan of the guy and even if you aren’t, you still respect him. Lastly, my sign that said to put some pants on received a funny response from Randy Orton and Sheamus at the end of the show. Both of those guys came by to high five us near the crowd and as I held up the sign, Orton pointed to it and laughed while Sheamus pointed to his tights and said “old school” to me.

What a night. Til next time.