Update 9-11:
It has been confirmed that Lawler had a heart attack and is now in stable condition.
As awful as it was, it’s pretty lucky this happened at a WWE event with all of the medical personnel so close. The immediacy of the care he got was likely helpful.
Also, I think it’s important not to blame WWE for this. Lawler wrestles on the independent circuit regularly and I believe he truly loves it and wants to wrestle. He’s not young, but from what I’ve heard he’s always been relatively healthy. For more on that, JR posted a great blog; he obviously knows quite a bit more than I do about King and the whole situation so it’s a good read.

Earlier tonight on RAW, Jerry Lawler collapsed in the middle of a match while doing commentary.  Doctors were of course in the building and reportedly provided CPR.  As of about 10 PM CDT, Michael Cole said that Lawler is now breathing on his own and is currently at a hospital awaiting a CT scan.  Cole is not doing commentary for the rest of the show, but is at ringside to provide updates.  I’ll try to keep this updated, but in the mean time keep Lawler in your thoughts.  Let’s all hope for a full and speedy recovery from this scary moment.