I think it’s a given that this isn’t 1999 anymore. The demand for more programming for wrestling on TV is much less than it was during that time. These days, there are more channels, more TV shows and more to do as far as entertainment and life is concerned.

WWE is adding yet, another show called “Main Event” which premiers Wednesday on ION Television. I do get that channel but from what I am reading, not everyone gets it. It’s an over-the-air station like the CW but it’s not in every TV market in the country. I remember when Smackdown! debuted on UPN and I was fortunate enough to get it where I lived. I grew up west of Rockford and they didn’t have a UPN affiliate yet and luckily, I was able to get in the station from Madison with clear reception. Shortly before my parents moved us, their station switched to The WB and Smackdown! was gone. When I moved south of Rockford, I was still out of luck because the town I lived in was SIX MILES outside of the “Chicagoland television market” so I couldn’t get UPN on cable and I was forced to use a rabbit-ear antenna which was hit and miss. What sucked more is that I received most of the other Chicago channels with the exception of UPN and WCIU. Today, I am lucky to live in the regional area so all channels are available.

Sorry to get sidetracked, but point being, that was a long time ago. What WWE is doing these days is making us tired of watching their product. I will say that I watch both Raw and Smackdown! every week and honestly, that’s enough. I don’t give a crap about Superstars, NXT, Saturday Morning Slam and now, Main Event. I will watch the first few episodes of the new show but it won’t be a priority. I will record it on the DVR like the rest.

When I was a kid, it was Raw, Heat and Shotgun Saturday Night which the latter, being the only show I had access to since it was in syndication on a local station. When Smackdown! debuted, Shotgun was renamed “Jakked” which was awesome and something I looked forward to. Fans wanted wrestling and more of it. WWF had four shows that were running strong.

Now, we have grueling three-hour Raw episodes (This takes up my entire Monday night and make me stay up late to catch up on all my other shows this night), a two-hour Smackdown!, a half hour of Saturday Morning Slam and now, another hour of the new show, Main Event. If you are a hardcore fan, you spend an hour watching both NXT and Superstars online. In total, this is now 8 1/2 hours of programming a week. In 1999, it was six hours and that was plenty.

I am sure these ratings will do great for the ION network. But the problem I see with this are the fans that have to sit through this when they attend events. I remember a Smackdown! I went to in Milwaukee three years ago where they taped Superstars, ECW and then, Smackdown!. I remember being in my seat ready to fall asleep by the time Smackdown! started. I was there for about four hours. That’s more than I want and more than what most fans want. I attended Raw on Labor Day and I was exhausted being there for the same amount of time. Even having live TV with it going by fast, I still found myself wanting to go home halfway through the show.

Time to say enough of this. If they want to have an extra show on broadcast TV for an hour, fine. But just get rid of the “Superstars” and whatever else people don’t care about. I understand there are little kids who will watch anything wrestling and that’s probably what matters to them but to be honest, WWE will lose those viewers as they get older when they realize that it’s too much. Call me a bit ADD, but I don’t even have the patience to watch Raw anymore with this three-hour garbage. When WCW went to three hours, they went downhill fast. I wonder how these kids will feel as they get older and realize that too much, is tiresome.