Hey, everyone, sorry things have been so quiet around here lately.

Happy Halloween! I saw some awesome costumes last weekend, a whole group of guys had a bus and it was the Undertaker, (young) HBK, the Hart Foundation (complete with Canadian flag), and…I don’t remember if there were more, but it was spectacular. One of my finer Halloween moments includes my Hulk Hogan costume a few years ago, boas and fake mustache and all.

I have not given up on wrestling! Well, not completely anyway. I think I needed more of a break since I wasn’t getting excited about it. Plus, there is Monday Night Football and other random things happening; I am also likely to cancel cable soon and have been seeing how I do without it and am about to start a new job! So that’s kind of a lot of things pulling me away from watching every week, but I’m definitely not ready to give it all up yet. That’s more info than anyone really needs probably, but I wanted you all (like, two of you) to know what’s up.

I really do hope I start up some kind of regular posts again, perhaps a quick recap on Tuesdays or something. Until next time…