Hope everyone had a nice (and tasty) Thanksgiving! I am definitely enjoying my long weekend.

This is the first time I’ve watched Saturday Morning Slam. We have officially cancelled cable so this is really the only “live” wrestling I can watch haha. But I also do really like the idea of a Saturday morning show.

The first match was Justin Gabriel vs. El Locale. I hadn’t heard of the latter, but it was a pretty good match; I’m happy to see Gabriel is still doing cool stuff, I think he’s really fun to watch.

Maybe I’m crazy, but I enjoyed the pie eating contest too. I think this stuff is part of what I like about wrestling; it’s geared towards kids, but isn’t super childish, it’s just simple, harmless fun. But since this show is so short, it doesn’t go on too long. It’s fun and then it’s over. A problem I’ve been having with the 3 hour RAW is that they extend some bits too far and they really lose their appeal. I know a lot of people don’t like the PG era, but it doesn’t bother me.

Haha, the 3MB. I had heard a tiny bit about them, but it really is 3-Count turned into a rock band. Hilarious. I’m not sure I would have expected Jinder Mahal in there, but I think it works! The match with the Usos was good, I think all 5 of those guys have a decent amount of talent and their styles worked well together. The finisher Heath Slater hit was crazy, I didn’t expect it but it looked super impressive.

You know what? That show was a lot of fun. It was short, but they put two solid matches in, plus a comedy segment. I really enjoyed it.