I must say, the pay-per-view was pretty damn good. I was looking forward to the show and it lived up to my expectations. There was a time when WWF (Yes, that WWF) was so good, you knew that every pay-per-view was a must-see. I am not trying to be a meatball, but I just wish they could put on a decent show every time around rather than every once in a while. I am not asking for the Attitude Era but there are times where I wish it was better. From everything I have read, Dean Ambrose is the real deal along with Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns being quite talented as well. I was excited to see this match between them and Kane, Bryan and Ryback. I am not a Ryback fan but that’s another discussion. Everyone performed above par and Rollins took a fall that probably earned him a lot of respect from both the fans and the people backstage. The match was back and forth with a lot of action. I expected The Shield to win but it was fun to see.

The crowd was lively and as most great crowds go, that just makes the look of matches even better. The fans mostly cheered for the heels and I loved it. I read a report that WWE was concerned because the fans were cheering for the bad guys and continued the “Goldberg” chants for Ryback very loudly. Apparently, WWE doesn’t realize that great crowds like New York, Chicago and others don’t always cheer for who’s the good guy and who’s the bad one, but rather, cheer for great wrestling and boo when it’s bad. That’s how it should be. During the show, we also noticed a face-turn for Alberto Del Rio. For some reason, I just can’t imagine this actually happening for one and two, turning out to be a good thing. We’ll find out though.

The main-event with Cena and Ziggler did not disappoint either. All I have to say is, enjoy Cena while we have him. Rumors are running that he’s nearing the end of his career as a full-time guy and I am saying right now, we’re going to miss him. I get that sometimes he can be frustrating but really, he is still the top guy and that’s what matters. He’s putting butts in the seats. Back to the match, the chants for Ziggler were loud and it was music to my ears. It looked like Cena was on his way to a victory and then A.J. pushes the ladder, knocking Cena off of it with Ziggler staring in shock. WWE struck gold again because if anybody said they saw that coming, they are lying. I am waiting for Ziggler guy to win the title and I know for a fact, that the crowd (whichever one it may be) will embrace it. Fans love this guy because he has what it takes.

Now on to Raw. First, I see Road Dogg and Billy Gunn return for a Slammy presentation. Seeing them do their mini-promo reminded me of the good old days when I was in junior high and some friends and I use to mimic them along with DX. Then, Ric Flair arrives after months of speculation. Let me just say that I love Ric Flair and I am sure many others do as well. To be completely honest, I just don’t want him wrestling anymore. I have a bad feeling that he is going to actually try to wrestle again and it’s not good. I did read that he is going through, yet another divorce (His fourth) so I am guessing he is going to need some cash. Off-topic a bit here but seriously, why get married all of those times? Did he not learn? I mean, luckily for me, I am not married nor do I have a woman breathing down my neck. It’s called not being ready or not finding someone that I am wanting to be around. Flair doesn’t seem to realize that if you aren’t ready or want to be around a person, then don’t marry them. Reports had his wife beating him up a little while ago. Wow.

Moving on to the final part of the show, Cena and Ziggler and fighting one on one and all of a sudden, A.J. brings out Big E Langston, whom I saw wrestle at a house show in Rockford back in August. As soon as I saw him, I immediately thought to myself “steroid freak”. From his Wikipedia, he was actually a professional power lifter and some of the numbers I saw of how how much he bench pressed and all that is astonishing to say the least. Regardless, I am not too confident that this is going to work out either but as I continue to say, we’ll see. I just am not a fan of Vince McMahon and his minions scouting talent and hiring people all because they have a physique to his liking. Hire wrestlers.

There seems to be a lot of changes going on in the company right now. We are seeing bad guys turn good and vice-versa. With the plethora of minor-league talents WWE is bringing up, I am not too sure if it’s a good idea just yet. There certainly is a surplus of talent on the roster as we speak, but it could pose an issue as time goes on. I remember writing an article two or three years ago about a “nucleus” of young guys that I thought would be the future of WWE. That has changed drastically. Now, it’s guys like Cesaro, Ziggler, The Shield, Damien Sandow (You’re welcome) and a few others. I am still wanting to see Wade Barrett in the main event sometime as well because I think that in the right situation, he can succeed. I also want more women’s wrestling as well and not just for eye-candy, but because I once again, miss the old days when Trish Stratus, Lita and others ruled the division. Even though wrestling is still in a bad phase, 2013 looks more promising.