Certainly, it has been quite a while since I’ve posted here. I have been busy to the extent throughout this time. I have meant to write an article or two in the last month but just haven’t had the chance.

Another reason why I haven’t written lately is because WWE has been rather, garbage lately. There is the WWE Champion that shows up when he wants to rather than when he should. I can’t understand why Vinny Mac decides it’s a good idea to sign off on only letting him show up during certain shows. When fans pay money to attend shows, they are paying to see the main event. I know they are only house shows and the occasional Raw, but that’s still not right. If you are the WWE Champion, you should have an obligation to show up. If it’s Mark Henry and he doesn’t want to show up if he’s the champion, you can put money on it that he will lose the title or yet, be fired.

WWE cannot rely on part-time guys to get ratings. That’s what the young guys are there for. Now, too many prospects is a bad problem to have. There are too many prospects and not enough TV time. Believe it or not, these three hour Raw telecasts is hurting more than it is helping. How in the world can WWE not put more TV time towards the Divas division? Clearly, people aren’t interested because they aren’t seeing enough of it. It’s almost like they aren’t even trying anymore. There are plenty of women prospects ready to go and there they go ignored.

This isn’t 1999 where fans felt that four nights of programming each week was not enough at times. Nearly 15 years later, it’s too much. Raw, Smackdown and that’s that. Nobody gives a crap about Main Event or Superstars and even though Saturday Morning Slam is for kids, this is too much. I feel like I am repeating myself but it’s so frustrating to see the same thing day in and day out.

Once in a lifetime? How about twice in a year? That’s what we are getting with Rock vs. Cena again. Fans don’t want to see that. You can’t compare this to Rock Vs. Austin or Kane vs. Undertaker because those matches were in a much different era. I keep praying that things will get better. Sadly, I want at least a fourth of the current roster to be future endeavored. There is a surplus of talent but I feel like WWE won’t even utilize half of these guys so what’s the point? There are too many wrestlers with little room.

Someone help all of us.