Well, I finally have a minute or two for yet, another article. It was about two months since my last one here as things are still hectic in the life of yours truly. There is so much on the table to discuss so I’ll try to get through as much as I can and have you, our one or two readers reflect on it.

1. TNA – I attended TNA’s live show in March in Hoffman Estates at the Sears Centre. I attended Bound For Glory (TNA’s equivalent to Wrestlemania) in 2008 and I must say, we here in the Chicago area are really loyal to any wrestling company. I can see why companies want to bring their business to the area. Before the show, I was able to meet and get a picture with TNA president, Dixie Carter. She is the definition of a business person. I can say she is a much better person than trying to meet Vince McMahon.

It was probably TNA’s largest crowd ever (5,000 fans?) and being a part of it, it was awesome. Even though they taped two shows in a night, I still had fun. Any wrestling event gets tired after a while so I did find myself exhausted after the live show ended. I am not TNA’s biggest fan but when it comes to instances where they come to the area, I try my hardest to go. It seems like they are set on taking their shows on the road and that’s really the only way they can get the word out. A lot of work needs to be done but at least, Dixie Carter is trying.

2. Wrestlemania – In years past, I was always excited for Wrestlemania right after the Rumble. This year, it took a lot for me to try to get interested in it for a while. Then, with about a week or two to go before the big show, I started to get excited again. I don’t know if it was because of the card being more predictable than it was before or the fact that I wasn’t interested in half of the matches. The show turned out to be fairly decent. As most, I was frustrated with the main event. The Rock just doesn’t have it anymore. That’s what happens when someone leaves for a decade and then, tries to come back to find the fountain of youth. I know he confirmed the tore his abdominal and abductor muscles (ouch) but still. As mentioned above, when you don’t do something you’re use to do for a decade, it’s going to show.

Overall, I liked the show although there were a couple things I didn’t enjoy. No pyro opening, no singer for the Anthem/God Bless America/America The Beautiful like they did in years past. If they did it, they didn’t show it on TV. But without that, are they saying that Puff Daddy (Yes. that’s what I am calling this turd) deserves ten minutes of pay-per-view time? Total waste. They also rushed the main event entrances because, surprise, HHH took too damn long in his match with Brock Lesnar. Oh well.

3. Hall of Fame Ceremony – I watched this on TV (shortened version anyway) and it was cool seeing the greatest wrestler of all time being inducted in Bruno Sammartino. I only saw footage of him wrestling but from what everyone else says, he was as good as advertised. The guy, by himself, sold out Madison Square Garden over a hundred times. That’s an accomplishment we may never see again. Along with this, we witnessed probably the greatest women’s wrestler of all-time in Trish Stratus get inducted. I really do miss her and it’s not all about the looks. Her and future hall-of-famer, Lita, had some of the best matches I’ve seen between women. Seeing the Divas these days is driving me nuts. Why does WWE decide to bring back the Bellas and contact others like Kelly Kelly to return? Did they not learn their lesson? Sign women who are wrestlers; not models. Alright. Moving on.

4. Fans – It is to my knowledge that the fans were pretty rude at the Hall of Fame ceremony. I understand the booing for Donald Trump because of his idiotic statements involving politics. But when the fans continuously booed him along with Trish’s husband the entire speech, that’s a little too much. Do it for a few seconds when they start talking and then move on.

5. Raw/Dolph Ziggler/Fans – This was the best Raw in a very long time. Last year’s Raw after Wrestlemania was pretty awesome but this one was much better. For one night, Raw felt like the old days. WWE rarely gets things right these days but when they do, it’s something to remember. Wade Barrett and Dolph Ziggler winning their respective titles were one of those rare things that they finally got right. When Barrett won, the crowd was in a frenzy. Then, when Ziggler’s music hit and eventually, when he won the title, that place was up for grabs. That was a moment that I could say I am proud to be a wrestling fan. It truly shows that with a good crowd in attendance, matches and shows can be much more memorable. I could not believe how hectic it was. I wish I was there. Unbelievable. Then, for the icing on the cake, the fans made Fandango (Fahn-Don-Go) a must-see. With the chants of his song to many others, it was a night to remember.

The other blemish I could see from this whole thing was the heel turn of Ryback. I read reports of him doing this eventually and at the last minute, things became predictable once again. Shame on WWE. Ryback isn’t great and he isn’t even good. I’d much rather prefer Mark Henry to be in the main event with Cena. But I digress.

That wraps it up from my end. I’ll try to post more throughout the coming weeks. I’ll leave you all with this:

I am a wrestling fan and proud of it. Through thick and thin. You should be too. No matter how old you are or who you are, be proud of what you love regardless of what it is. Sure, I complain about storylines and how WWE approaches things, but that doesn’t stop me from caring about it. You should feel the same way.

– Fro Dog