Okay, so, obviously there hasn’t been a TNA post in a while. That’s in large part due to my work schedule where I’d come home in the middle of it or something…but it’s also because I just really did not have a huge interest in watching. And now I find out RVD’s out which makes me sad! He was definitely fun to watch.

When did they get rid of the ramp?

Wait. So. They blur out an inch of Jeff Hardy’s butt crack, but they don’t bleep out the chant or sign “assholes?”

Wow, way too much blood for me in that attack on the ECW guys. Which I guess sort of fits but I’m just not so into it. I have to say though, Flair’s team kind of of looks like a bunch of tools (and I try to avoid using that word too much because it is overused).
TIME. OUT. AJ Styles talking about, “You couldn’t give up, had to be on TV one last time,” etc. etc. Uh, Ric Flair, anyone? I haven’t seen these guys in weeks and I’m sick of them. I thought Dixie did a pretty good job though.
You’re JOKING. “Who said I took crap from any woman?!” Flair, you need to knock it off. You can’t really say that anymore, even in pro wrestling.
Okay, okay, I’m trying to stop myself from going on a tirade about this tirade. But Tommy Dreamer screaming, “YOU SHUT UP WOO” at Flair cracked me up. Brilliant.

D’Angelo Dinero remains really fun to watch.

And once again I had to do a lot of stuff so I was in and out of the room. Oh well.

I caught the second hour of iMPACT last night.  Overall it was pretty good.  It seemed like Mr. Anderson’s face turn was a little rough with him having to say on camera, “I’ve been soul searching” and stuff but in the end I think it worked out okay.

Having Sting as the crazy destructive one with no purpose is alright, but I feel like Sting can really carry more finessed story lines that would make TNA seem less ridiculous, so maybe more of a focus for him would be beneficial.  The RVD feud could be good.

Jeff Hardy’s wrestling still looks kinda messy to me, but wasn’t terrible last night.

It seemed like Matt Morgan was trying a little too hard with the “we/us” thing in his promo so where I thought it was an interesting angle before he kind of started to annoy me with it.  I know he’s supposed to be superegotistical and stuff but pretending to not know/ignoring who Kurt Angle is and what he’s done is kinda lame.

You know, I didn’t see Ric Flair last night, and that was actually cool.  Styles and Anderson had a pretty good match from what I remember though.

I’ll be interested to see how this Half Pint Brawlers show ends up.  Who knows, it could be better than TNA hahaha.

Okay, so it’s a little late.  But lately I find myself not jumping at the chance to watch TNA.

I’m bummed that Tara’s gone.  I think she is an asset to any women’s division.  I highly doubt WWE will pick her back up, though, and I’m not totally sure she’d want to go back.

Introducing the Top 10 took too long, I lost interest haha.  I liked Jeff Hardy’s little jaw drop when Bischoff said he was wrestling Sting.  By the looks of things and the crowd’s reaction, RVD might have been the best thing to happen to TNA in a while.  And dear god Hardy’s Twist of Fate was worse that what I could pretend to do.

Hm, wonder if bringing Roxxi back right now was supposed to happen anyway or if they did it because Tara left.

Angle’s promo about reinventing himself and working his way up is interesting.  Kinda makes sense.

Seriously, what is with TNA ringing the bell incessantly after matches.  The bell ending the match rarely stops the fight, why do you think it’s going to stop a “vicious post-match attack?”  Stop it, it’s annoying.

Please make Flair stop.  It pains me.

I thought WWE objectified women until the whole Chelsea thing went down hah.  Although they’re really just kind of going back to how valets used to work in wrestling.  Could be interesting.

Eric Young and Shannon Moore had a good match, it was fun to watch.  A lot going on out of the ring though which was distracting.

Hm, I saw the end of the match but the DVR cut off right when Anderson was trying to congratulate Hardy.  Anybody know what happened then?

Also, I saw that Scott Hall was arrested the other day.  Drunk and disorderly.  Shocking, right? …

I’ll be out of town from Wednesday-Sunday, so I’m not sure when I’ll get around to wrestling, sorry!  But it looks like after that I don’t have to work late Mondays or Thursdays for a few weeks, so hopefully the posts will be on time!

Also, they’re supposed to eliminate a rookie from NXT tonight.  I just hope it’s Tarver, haha.

It’s been confirmed that TNA is going to be moving back to Thursday nights starting May 13th.

The story is here:

My favorite is the quote from Dixie: “Our fans made it clear that they preferred the Thursday night time period.”  Yes, yes they did, as nobody watched on Mondays.

I really do think this is better for them.  With DVRs and all there’s really no reason to try to compete with WWE right now for them.  Kind of a bummer I guess, but I think maybe they’re starting to get stronger…maybe.

FINALLY.  TNA has FINALLY gotten rid of the idiot Bubba the Love Sponge.

Unfortunately it took him verbally attacking (apparently with a lot of vulgarity and some racism thrown in there) Awesome Kong to finally get rid of him.  He should have been gone long ago.  No company should want to be associated with a person like that.  Bubba’s Twitter has been insulting TNA and their fans all day (I don’t think he’s writing, some other guy…I don’t know, I just went to check, I normally pay no attention).  He claims TNA is “done” without Bubba.  Yeah, okay.  I only see things improving.  Just SHUT UP, you moron.

So, yes.  Good riddance, finally, etc. etc.

To be honest, I’ve been doing work while watching TNA so I’ve missed bits and pieces.  Overall the only thing that upset me in the first half was Flair’s promo at the very beginning; I had NO idea what he was trying to say.  The matches were good though.

I hear Tara might be leaving due to pay negotiation issues.  That sucks, I think she’s an asset to the Knockouts Division (especially with Kong gone).

Hey, look,  a falls count anywhere match.  I like those.  Except instead of a tag match it was more Jarrett vs. Sting and Hardy vs. Styles simultaneously.  And, Taz, please stop sounding surprised that Sting has a baseball bat.

They have a ticker thing at the bottom of the screen.  They’re saying Angelina Love injured her right arm and they’re waiting for more details.  That actually happened in a different match; she tore her bicep and…something else, I forget.  Daffney got the worst of it.  She had temporary spinal trauma (stinger) to the point where she couldn’t move her legs, but that fixed itself quickly.  She also has a deeply bruised sternum so I’d imagine she’s out for a while!

There was this random commercial thing with Alex Shelley badmouthing Beer Money, saying Chris Sabin had become a blob because of them.  It was actually really funny, and a PSA in an odd way.

Man, D’Angelo Dinero can cut a promo.

Uh, okay.  TNA, you’ve really done it now.  They show X-Pac after being attacked by Team 3D in the parking lot.  He’s like, crashed through a table and laying on the ground with his head in a pool of blood.  However, it’s like the same amount of blood they use on CSI when someone gets hit with a bat and dies or something.  I just can’t take that seriously; he would obviously be SERIOUSLY injured or dead with that.

I’m kind of sick of Matt Morgan like I’m sick of Sheamus.

Oh, jeez.  Flair’s just sitting in a room talking to the camera, and they have to have captions because you can’t understand a damn word.  Even reading along with him speaking I couldn’t make the words out.  This is getting more painful every week.  I can barely watch this match with him and Abyss.  He put the brass knuckles on backwards.  Hebner looked disgusted when he realized he had flair’s blood all over his hands hahaha.

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