“People power?” I know Johnny Ace is an idiot, but they couldn’t do better than that? Hopefully he gets socked in the face soon.

I did manage to see most of WrestleMania and I thought it was a spectacular show. Check out Fro’s review below, I also left a quick comment on there.
I also watched the Hall of Fame ceremony they aired before RAW. I’m normally not super impressed with the one they show because it cuts so much out, but I couldn’t resist seeing Edge. It seemed like a really great moment.

I somehow keep closing the tab I have this post in. That can’t be a good sign.

Triple Threat was pretty good; I really like most stuff Ziggler does, I think he’s fun to watch fly around the ring (and that bounce off of Brodus Clay’s head was pretty cool looking).

Lord Tensai is here! He’s been around before, under different and non-Japanese names Prince Albert and A-Train. I remember seeing him but have to admit I don’t remember much about his wrestling. I’m not really buying the Japanese, though, seems like a really big stretch. Why not just have Yoshi Tatsu up instead of a fake Asian? Big guy, though, which could be interesting with some of the other big guys on the roster – though we have angry big guys already. Match seemed pretty slow, though. My response so far is “meh.”

Some of these guys have to be so incredibly sore. Punk/Jericho seemed like they had a lot of hard spots. I can’t even imagine what HHH and Undertaker feel like. Ouch.

This crowd is great. They sound so excited and it’s really creating a cool atmosphere.

Okay, I wasn’t very optimistic but Mark Henry vs. CM Punk was a good match, especially for the night after WrestleMania. I think that was a good way for the match to end. It wasn’t gimmicky, both guys put up a really good fight (I can’t say both had an equally good shot because I didn’t expect Punk to drop the title, but really they were both showing strength).

Wow, way to beat the champion up after the match though. Eww Jack Daniels everywhere (didn’t JBL do that to Punk too?). Interesting. You know what’s a bit odd to me? Punk in the middle of the show. I know they try to put big names at the hour mark for ratings or whatever, but people LOVE this guy. People might like him more than they hate Cena. It just seems like he should be the main main event, not just a middle-of-the-show attempt to draw viewers. But then again, I’m biased since he’s my favorite. And the Cena think likely would be tough to follow.

I can’t say I expected the boos I heard for Sheamus. But Del Rio is back! I was wondering where he was, but it makes sense to wait until after WrestleMania. I’m glad he’s back though, Del Rio can be fun to watch too.

I don’t really know who MGK is but he got people to hate him QUICK.

Cody and Kofi, good match! Well, what we saw of it at least.

I liked the video package (commercial) for next year’s Mania. They really do such a good job with that stuff every time.

Did Eve’s promo seem useless to anyone else?

And now Brock Lesnar is back.
You all won’t believe this, but I have no opinion of Lesnar as a WWE guy. I just was not paying enough attention to wrestling when he was wrestling before. But I know the guy is a badass. I am excited to see where this will go.

I have to say, that was probably one of the best Wrestlemania shows in the last few years. The last few shows, in my opinion had some good spots but as a full show, I feel like this was the best one in quite a while.

I will say the first match between Bryan and Sheamus sucked. The crowd was going nuts for Bryan and have it end the way it did totally sucked. The time they used to have Brodus Clay was horrible. I know I said this was a great show, but these were the only two things that kept it from being perfect.

I knew the Undertaker/HHH match wasn’t going to have much “wrestling” due to the Undertaker still not 100% but that was entertaining. Punk/Jericho was pretty good although I thought it could be better. Beggers can’t be choosers, right? The Rock/Cena match seemed to have dragged as the pace wasn’t as fast as most wanted but I must say, the finish was perfect. You couldn’t have scripted it (literally) any better than it was. Not many thought The Rock was going to win.

The last thing I will say is that I had a feeling that it was going to be a good show. Not because of the lineup, but because I felt that this year’s Wrestlemania wasn’t as “hyped” as years’ past. Of course we saw the Cena/Rock documentary on a few other channels throughout the week but that’s it. I didn’t hear many announcers shove it down our throats like in past years. This is what wrestling should be. If every show or pay-per-view was like this, more people would tune in.

Coming up in the next week or two, I am going to have an article that I may have to split into two parts but I think it’s going to be pretty good. Stay tuned.

JR! Didn’t expect that voice to be the first thing I heard. Man I bet HHH is sore after that match.
Unfortunately I didn’t get to watch the Hall of Fame ceremony before RAW. I think they put it online, and if so I’ll probably try to catch it. I know last year they cut SO much out from the ceremony and it was kind of disappointing to see it on TV.

Hahaha Cole keeps coming up with the most ridiculous crap. Seriously, how good is he at his job?! And the way he was awkwardly prancing around the ring last night…brilliant. He obviously isn’t afraid to make himself look like an idiot, and I appreciate that. Cole looks a little beat up, too…I bet he’s in some pain, too, since he’s not real used to this. Don’t throw things at JR, that’s just not nice. And a waste of some good BBQ sauce.

Orton and Punk had a great match last night, it was one of my favorites. Why hasn’t Cody taken that damn mask off yet? It was pulled off last night so be done with it please. Don’t get me wrong, I like his new gimmick and I think it could do really well. But I can only suspend my disbelief so much and the “reconstructive surgery” was a little too much for me. And now I know he’s just wearing the mask to be a jerk, but I’m over it. It was a good match. But I think there’s sort of a feeling that there should be some sort of closure of the feuds after WrestleMania, so I wasn’t emotionally invested in this match much.

Tough Enough! I’m excited for this. Ryan Howe has wrestled in POWW, as has the blonde Puerto Rican woman who goes by Juliet in the ring. I did enjoy the “stun them all” chant though, haha. And I think Christina Crawford is Alicia Fox’s sister. Also I’ve seen that Michelle on another show and I’m not a huge fan. But I’ll save the rest of this for the Tough Enough post that will come after! I think a separate one is warranted, at least for tonight. Then we’ll see.

Hey, Stone Cold missed a beer last night. It wasn’t really his fault though, it was overthrown. Still entertaining. Oh man all that beer. That has to be a sticky, smelly mess. Gross.

Maybe now that ‘Mania’s over Evan Bourne can get a nice push! I know I’ve said it a million times but he is so fun to watch.

Mixed tag match was pretty good. Vickie, too, is good at playing incompetent when I’m sure she’s better than what we’re seeing; but that’s the art!

Sucks that the US Title match got pushed from WrestleMania. Pretty good match. And hello, Sin Cara! That’ll be good stuff, kids.

Sooo The Rock and Cena were awesome. WrestleMania 28. Spectacular. Let’s gooo haha. But really, the Corre? C’mon. Poor Heath Slater is just getting destroyed lately.

Hope nobody had too bad an April Fools experience.

I was trying to remember what the last SmackDown before WrestleMania was like last year, and I was confused that I couldn’t remember….until I realized I was too busy being at WrestleMania to watch SmackDown that week, hahaha. Man that was awesome.

I’ve only had time to watch the first half so far, but I love this! Booker T and Josh Matthews did a good job introducing all the stuff and the older matches are so much fun to watch. It’s cool to get such a variety of matches from different times and with different wrestlers (and announcers!).

WrestleMania tomorrow! Still not sure if I’ll be able to watch, but I’m going to try…it’s going to be a good one.

I don’t even know where to start! A great RAW, a really fun night. Lots of stuff going on! Also got to meet up with Fro from the Chicago sports-centered Fire Jerry Angelo – Fire Jim Hendry, which was very cool! (And hopefully he can help my memory if it fails.)

If anybody reading this was there, leave a comment and let me know how your experience was!

View of the ring from my seat:

I guess a good place to begin would be the beginning, haha. Ted DiBiase wrestled Mark Henry…I believe that was a dark match. They then taped NXT. Yeah…it’s pretty evident that not many people watch it. Personally I was excited to see the guys work since I hadn’t in a while. They did an arm wrestling challenge that got really loud “this is boring” chants…I’m not sure that was necessary. Those guys are working their asses off for this, I’d like them to get a little bit more credit (or, sure, a different type of show). Anyway. Then all 6 of the rookies were in a 3on3 tag match that I actually quite enjoyed!

The taping of Superstars was next. I was excited when one of the matches ended up being Curt Hawkins vs. Trent Baretta, they’re fun to watch (especially Trent!). It was good. There was a Divas match as well that seemed to go well.

Then, finally, it was time for RAW! CM Punk came out and the place was loud, both cheers and boos. I love Chicago. Really great promo, he’s good at what he does. Perhaps one of my favorite parts of that, though, was holding up my CM Punk sign and cheering loudly. Why was that my favorite? Because the small child two rows in front of me was totally giving me the stink eye for it and it was hilarious hahaha. The kid was not a Punk fan!

The offending sign. haha

Edge and Christian teaming up is spectacular. I love to watch them.

Undertaker and HHH…good stuff. I did not expect Shawn Michaels to be there so that was really cool too. They’ve really done an amazing job building this up with very minimal physicality.
This picture isn’t great, but the subject is.

You know what? I think the place was louder when Vickie Guerrero came out than any other time of the night. Yes, even The Rock. I know that sounds crazy but DAMN it was loud. I didn’t hear a word of her promo, only a cackle afterwards.

On a related note, Michael Cole got ALL sorts of heat as well, as one would expect. I love seeing him climb on his desk, it’s SO funny. Jerry Lawler will, hopefully, tear him apart on Sunday. And who doesn’t want that to happen?

People seemed super excited about the announcement of The Road Warriors being inducted into the Hall of Fame, too. That’s pretty awesome.

How great was it to see The Rock in person?? Uh, super great. Seriously I felt like a six year old kid going crazy again. If anything was as loud as Vickie’s heat, it was Rock’s entrance. He really is a presence. John Cena’s promo sounded really genuine though and I appreciate that. Chicago is not the most supportive of him but I think everyone has to recognize how hard he really does work. I have to say, too, that the Miz was on his game with his promo. I really liked it. Cena played his part perfectly the whole time there as well. It was just so exciting and fun to watch! And everyone was really emotionally invested in that whole thing. So cool.

Five minutes later and we’d gone forward in time four days for SmackDown! haha. They got to filming that very quick, I was impressed. I won’t give anything away but the 2 matches they filmed were good.

And at the end there was a non-televised main event! Yes, that’s right, MORE WRESTLING. Big tag match with everyone, basically. I like seeing the non-taped stuff, it seems like they have a lot of fun with it sometimes. It was a good, fun match.

It was a bit of a long night, a little tiring, but really, really amazing, fun, and worth every second. The arena was completely packed and everyone was LOUD. It’s really cool to see that other people are as into it as I am, haha. Really what it comes down to is that wrestling is awesome. WWE put on a great show leading up to WrestleMania by perpetuating the huge feuds they have going. The atmosphere was incredible and I already want more wrestling!!

A spectacular night.  The stadium was really great.  Very clean with a lot of food and merch areas set up.  The retractable roof is so cool, and pretty quick.  They opened and closed it I think three times during the night (I think for fireworks, lighting, etc.).  I think they only changed the canvas twice, which is less than the last PPV I went to, but they swept it between almost every match.  I was sitting basically directly behind the ring across from the camera, in row 21.  Amazing view.

I might not do too great a job with the matches here.  I’m going to re-watch them at some point so I’m going off memory.

The dark match was a 26-man battle royal.  They all hardly fit in the ring at first!  The NXT guys were standing at the top of the ramp watching, which I thought was a good idea.  It gave them more exposure and also let them see a WrestleMania crowd.  The match started off as can be expected with 26 people in the ring, but it turned out very well.  I was a bit surprised that Yoshi Tatsu won, but it was exciting for him.  He got a good reaction.

The Unified Tag match seemed a little quiet after the loud reactions to the entrances.  I think R-Truth and Morrison both got slightly new TitanTron videos, but I’m not completely sure.  It was a good match; I was leaning towards MizShow or whoever retaining, so that didn’t surprise me (though I can’t say I’m 100% happy about it).

The Triple Threat was a good match.  Cody seems to look more old-school every time he changes outfits!  Ah, that’s one thing I love about WrestleMania, they all get new clothes!  Anyway.  Ted busted his head a bit at one point, but it didn’t look too bad so they didn’t stop the match.  The ref did put on gloves, though.  Big cheers for Orton.  He got up in the corner and hit his pose; that’s how you know he’s a good guy again! (Well, as good as Orton is,  I guess.)  He was standing there for a while then climbed down, but that was during the replays so they had him go back up so they could film it.

I really liked Money in the Bank.  I think people enjoyed seeing McIntyre get his ass kicked.  Bourne stole the show at a couple points, and Christian, Kofi, and Hardy had some huge moments as well.  I thought Kane was great.  I was a little bit surprised that Swagger won.  There were a couple in there I knew wouldn’t win (McIntyre, didn’t think Hardy would).  I didn’t think Swagger was out of it completely, but he wasn’t one I picked as most likely.  It took him about a year to unclip the briefcase haha.  It was a good match though and like I said in my RAW post, I think it’s good that he won.

Triple H vs. Sheamus was not bad at all, but I wouldn’t say spectacular.  Sheamus needed to lose that.

I liked Punk vs. Mysterio.  It took me until the end of the match to realize Mysterio was dressed like a character from Avatar, but that’s not that important.  There was something wrong with his entrance, it took forever and then all the sudden he was kneeling on the ramp, I think I missed it.  I knew Punk couldn’t win because they would never put Mysterio in the Society, but I thought they did a great job (as did Serena and Luke Gallows!).

I’m happy Bret beat the hell out of Vince, because that is exactly what happened.  Also all along I wanted Natalya to hit him, so I was happy.  I liked that they managed to incorporate the rest of the Hart family into the match, I think it helped make it more meaningful.  It was also good though that Tyson and DH Smith (and Bret obviously) did most/all of the actual fighting and they weren’t trying to force things to happen.  It seemed that a lot of people got restless in the middle of the match when Bret had the chair, and especially the crowbar,  for so long, and just wanted a SharpShooter to end it.  That was the only way it could end, and it was awesome.

Edge vs. Jericho was just about a perfect match.  It was very well done and I expected nothing less.  I wasn’t really sure who’d win, and I would have been happy either way, but now Jericho can gloat endlessly which will be great.

I actually enjoyed the Divas match!  Vickie actually wrestling was just spectacular as well.  But I thought, even though it was fairly short, that the moves they did were good (except Eve’s stupid thing that she always misses) and it was just…not terrible like those matches can be.  I’m still surprised Mickie James is wrestling already but I think it’s awesome for her.

While watching the Cena/Batista match, I realized I didn’t care much about it.  It wasn’t really bad, it was fine, and what I expected.  I just wasn’t terribly invested in it, but that was personal and didn’t have anything to do with the promotion or the wrestling.  I thought it was kind of dumb that big bad Batista tapped out so quick, but I understand why they did that.

And, of course, Undertaker vs. Shawn Michaels.  I’ve been avoiding rewatching last year’s match because I thought this one couldn’t be nearly as good.  It was maybe not quite on the same epic level, but I would definitely not say that I was disappointed at all.  It was a really great match.  They had some big spots and just handled everything so perfectly.  I was pretty sure HBK was done, too.  But after the match ‘Taker stumbled up and hugged him and left, leaving Shawn in the ring.  It was obviously historic and pretty sad to realize it was his last match, but I think it couldn’t have been done better.

I took pictures of the set and entrances (along with some memorabilia and stuff at Axxess).  At some point I’ll go through them and post the ones I like.

The whole night was just great.  There really is something about a WrestleMania crowd.  Obviously it’s bigger, but there really did seem to be an extra buzz in the air and it was a really cool thing to be a part of.  I feel like this little recap didn’t do anything justice!

Basically, Axxess was awesome.  For one, I thought it was very well run with staff where they needed to be (who were all very nice), lots of space for lines, and a good layout with a lot of different activities.  Right as we walked in we saw Beth Phoenix coming down a corridor, and it turns out she was one of the people to take pictures with(there were 2 photo stations and 6 signing stations I think)!  That line was kinda long but worth it, haha.  After that we went to see Tyler Reks, which I was excited about because I like him (even though he has kind of disappeared at the moment!).  Caylen Croft, Trent Beretta and Mark Henry also were signing things (along with someone else who I couldn’t see, haha), with Savannah at the other photo sation.  Then halfway through it switched and Mickie James and Tiffany were at signing stations with all the NXT Rookies signing.  I heard some people complaining that it was like former ECW guys and then NXT guys, but I was happy because it was people I like!

Croft and Baretta (who were at different tables) each had a box of tissues, which I found kind of amusing, but anyway.  Heath Slater was super nice; they were all very nice.  I obviously didn’t expect them to be mean, but most of them would at least ask if you were having fun, where you were from, etc., which I thought was nice.  Nobody looked like they didn’t want to be there, though I’d bet some of them probably didn’t!  The line to take pictures with Mickie James was massive, so I didn’t get a photo.  It would have taken up the entire rest of the time (more than an hour) and I would have missed Slater, Justin Gabriel, and Wade Barrett.

Aside from those stations, there was a ton of other stuff to do.  You could film your own entrance theme and then go download it online.  They had photo stations for a WWE magazine cover, a box for action figures, a ring you could go in, photos with belts, and an announcers table set.  There was a ring set up and they had trivia games and stuff, and at one poing Jimmy Wang Yang and Zack Ryder had a match.  Hornswoggle’s house was set up under a different ring, along with a bunch of other kids activities like a foam pit inside a ring.  There was a lot of memorabilia, which was really neat.  We saw a bunch of belts, a display of Shawn Michaels’s ring gear, and a room with assorted other outfits and things including one of Andre the Giant’s suits.  Wow.  If any of my pictures turned out I’ll try to post them when I get home.  Undertaker’s graveyard was pretty fun, too.

I’m fairly certain I’m forgetting something.  There was a fair amount of waiting in lines, but other than the Divas photos they really weren’t all that bad.  It was a lot of fun and a good experience.  It was also great that I didn’t have to miss any of the Hall of Fame ceremony; it all worked out great.

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